Black box (disambiguation)

Black box (disambiguation)

Black box may mean:


* Black box, any component in a system in which only the input and output characteristics are of interest, without regard to its internal mechanism or structure


*Black box (transportation), commonly used informal term, a durable onboard data-recording device used in various forms of transport


*"Black Box" (film), Argentine film ("Caja Negra")


*Black Box (band), music group popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s
*Black Box Recorder (band), English pop/indie music group
*"", collection of the albums by the original members of Black Sabbath
*"", box set album compiling songs released on Wax Trax! Records between 1980 and 1993
*"Black Box" (album), compilation album by Naked City
*"Black Box", song by the group Panurge


*Black Box (book), a book by Israeli writer Amos Oz
*Darwin's Black Box, by Michael Behe


*Black box testing, testing a system without knowledge of its internals
*Black box theory, a philosophical theory

Computer Software

*Blackbox, a window manager that works on X Window System platforms
*BlackBox Component Builder, the component-based development environment for Component Pascal


*Black Box, linking people and performance


*Black box (phreaking), device to defeat telephone toll charges
*Black box theater, simple unadorned performance space
*Black box warning, U.S. warning on a prescription drug
*Black Box Corporation, Pennsylvania-based supplier of computer network hardware
*Black Box (game), board and computer game
*Black Box Games, video game studio bought by Electronic Arts
*Project Blackbox, prototype name for Sun Modular Datacenter
*Black Box (comics) a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Marvel Universe
* In copyright law, a single-purpose device which allows encrypted satellite television signals to be viewed without payment
*Black Box, the common name for the tree species "Eucalyptus largiflorens"
*The Black Box (serial), a 1915 film serial
*"Black Box" is one of a number of nicknames for the Nuclear Football.

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