Holidays in the European Union

Holidays in the European Union

This is a list of holidays in the European Union. The European Union does not have any official holidays. These are under the control of the member states. Most of the major holidays are mentioned although some are not public holidays.

Union-wide (at least mostly)

* January 1 - New Year's Day
* May 1 - Labour Day (excludes UK and Netherlands) (note: while this day is observed in Poland it is intentionally not called Labour Day, but State Holiday (Polish Święto Państwowe) see Holidays in Poland; in Bavaria, it's called May Holiday (German Maifeiertag, see Holidays in Bavaria)
* December 25 - Christmas Day
* December 26 - Boxing Day / St. Stephen's Day / Second Day of Christmas (excludes Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain, except Catalonia and Balearic Islands)
* various dates - Good Friday (excludes Italy, Ireland & Poland)
* various dates - Easter Sunday
* various dates - Easter Monday (excludes Estonia, Portugal, Scotland and most of Spanish regions)

ee also

For further information about the national and regional days as well as various religious holidays, see the individual country listings below.

* Public holidays in Austria
* Public holidays in Belgium
* Public holidays in Bulgaria
* Holidays in Cyprus
* Public holidays in the Czech Republic
* Holidays in Denmark
* Public holidays in Estonia
* Holidays in Finland
* Holidays in France
* Holidays in Germany
* Public holidays in Greece
* Public holidays in Hungary
* Public holidays in the Republic of Ireland
* Holidays in Italy
* Holidays in Latvia
* Public holidays in Lithuania
* Public holidays in Malta
* public holidays in the Netherlands
* Holidays in Poland
* Public holidays in Portugal
* Public holidays in Romania
* Public holidays in Slovakia
* Public holidays in Slovenia
* Public holidays in Spain
* Holidays in Sweden
* Public holidays in the United Kingdom

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