House of Balšić

House of Balšić

Royal house
surname = House of Balšić
estate = of Zeta
coat of arms =
country = Zeta
titles = Lord
founder = Balša I
founding year = 1356
nationality = Serb
The House of Balšić was a medieval Serbian dynasty that ruled Zeta .It lasted from 1356 until 1435, when it was succeeded by the House of Crnojević.


Although the Balšić family was Serbian Royal, it is certain that it was of non-Slavic origin. The basis of their surname - "Balsha" - is Romanic and it is thus suggested that they descend from Serbinized Vlachs of old that served as warriors - "proniars" - and could thus easily climb the ladder of nobility in the Montenegrin society even to the top.

Some historians argue that the family is of Gothic origins. One theory is that the family is originally from Provence, France. Their last name might have been originally de Baux ("aliter" de Baulx, "de Bauge"). Arguably, they came from France to Zeta at the end of the 13th century (in 1272 - 1280) or possibly in the end of the 14 th century. Queen Jelena of Anjou, widow of King Uroš I of Serbia was of French noble lineage, so she decided to help the Balšić family and give them lands and titles in a part of Diocleia. [ [ Montenegrina - Grbovi Crne Gore] ] The name Balšić would have come from the Neapolitan form of the de Baux surname, which is del Balzo.

Heads of the House and Rulers of Zeta

There were 5 rulers of the dynasty:
* Balša I (1356-1360 (unofficial); 1360-1362)
* %C4%90ura%C4%91 I (1362-1378)
* Balša II (1378-1385)
* %C4%90ura%C4%91 II (1385-1403)
* Balša III (1403-1421)

Family Tree

*Balša I
**Stracimir Balšić
***Đurađ II
****Balša III
*****Jelena (Married Stjepan Vukčić Kosača, Herzog of Herzegovina)
**********Unknown Daughter
*********Unknown Daughter
********Vladislav Hercegović
******Vlatko Hercegović
*******Jovan Hercegović
******Katarina Kosača-Kotromanić (Married Stjepan Tomaš Kotromanić, King of Bosnia)
*******Sigismund (Šimun) Kotromanić (Converted to Islam and changed his name to Išak-beg Kraljević (Ishak-bey Kraloglu))
*******Katarina Kotromanić (Died in Skopje around the age of 10-11)
*****Unknown Son
*****Teodora (Dorotea)
**Đurađ I
****Unknown Child
******Dabiživ Monetić
***Jevdokija (Eudokia)
****Giorgio de' Buondelmonti
***Konstantin (Košta) (Married Elena Thopia, Daughter of Karl Thopia)
****Unknown Child
*****Stefan Balša (Stefan de Maramonte)
****Unknown Son
**Balša II
**Vojisava (Married Karl Thopia, Prince of Albania)
***Gjergj Thopia, Duke of Durazzo
***Elena Thopia, Lady of Krujë
***Voislava Thopia

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