List of British television series

List of British television series

__NOTOC__This List of UK television series is a list of TV series that were made and shown in the United Kingdom. It does not include foreign-made imports.


*"The 1900 House" - Historical/reality
*"The 1940s House" - Historical/reality
*"1990" - Science Fiction
*"29 Minutes of Fame" - Panel game
*"2DTV" - Animation Comedy
*"" - Children's magazineAve
*"8 Out of 10 Cats" - Panel game
*"999" - Reality



*"A for Andromeda" - Science Fiction
*"Absolutely Fabulous" - Situation Comedy
*"Absolute Power" - Comedy
*"Ace of Wands" - Children's
*"Adam Adamant Lives!" - Action Drama
*"The Adventure Game" - Game Show
*"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" - Detective drama
*"The Adventures of Sir Lancelot" - Historical/fantasy drama
*"After Dark" - Discussion programme
*"After Henry" - Situation Comedy
*"Afterlife" - Supernatural thriller
*"Agatha Christie's Poirot" - Detective drama
*"Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime" - Detective drama
*"Airline" - Docusoap
*"Airport" - Docusoap
*"Alas Smith and Jones" - Comedy Sketch Show
*"Albion Market" - Soap Opera
*"All About Me" - Situation Comedy
*"All Creatures Great and Small" - Drama
*"'Allo 'Allo!" - Situation Comedy
*"The Andromeda Breakthrough" - Science Fiction
*"Andy Pandy" - Children's
*"Animal Magic" - Children's, Wildlife
*"Animal Park" - Wildlife
*"Angels" - Medical drama
*"Antiques Roadshow" - Factual
*"Are You Being Served?" - Situation Comedy
*"Arena" - Documentary
*"Armchair Theatre" - Drama anthology
*"The Army Game" - Situation Comedy
*"Arthur of the Britons" - Adventure
*"As If" - Teen Drama
*"As Time Goes By" - Situation Comedy
*"The Ascent of Man" - Documentary
*"Ask the Family" - Game Show
*"At Home with the Braithwaites" - Comedy Drama
*"Auf Wiedersehen, Pet" - Comedy Drama
*"The Avengers" - Drama/Action



*"Badger" - Drama
*"Bad Girls" - Drama
*"Bagpuss" - Children's
*"Balamory" - Children's
*"Balls of Steel" - Comedy
*"The Baron" - Adventure
*"Basil Brush" - Children's
*"Beadle's About" - Hidden camera stunts
*"The Beiderbecke Affair" - Drama
*"Belonging" - Welsh regional drama
*"The Benny Hill Show" - Comedy/Satire
*"Bergerac" - Drama/Action
*"Between The Lines" - Drama
*"The Big Breakfast" - Entertainment
*"Big Brother" - Reality game show
*"The Big Fat Quiz of the Year" - Panel game
*"Big Train" - Comedy Sketch Show
*"The Bill" - Police drama/Soap Opera
*"Birds of a Feather" - Situation Comedy
*"A Bit of Fry and Laurie" - Sketch Comedy
*"Blackadder" - Situation Comedy
*"Black and Blue" - Comedy-Drama
*"The Black and White Minstrel Show" - Variety Show
*"Black Books" - Situation Comedy
*"'Blackpool" - Police drama
*"Blake's 7" - Science Fiction
*"Blankety Blank" - Game Show
*"Bless This House" - Situation Comedy
*"Blind Date" - Game Show
*"Blockbusters" - Game Show
*"Blue Peter" - Children's
*"Bo' Selecta!" - Comedy
*"Bob and Rose" - Comedy/drama
*"Bod" Children's animation
*"Bognor or Bust" - Panel game
*"The Book Quiz" - panel game
*"Bouquet of Barbed Wire" - Drama
*"The Box of Delights" - Children's
*"Boys from the Blackstuff" - Drama
*"The Brains Trust - Panel game
*"Brass" - Situation Comedy
*"Bread" - Situation Comedy
*"British Isles - A Natural History" - Reality
*"Brideshead Revisited" - Drama
*"The Brittas Empire" - Situation Comedy
*"Brookside" - Soap Opera
*"The Brothers" - Drama
*"Budgie" - Comedy Drama
*"Bugs" - Science Fiction / Action-Adventure
*"Butterflies" - Situation Comedy
*"Byker Grove" - Children's
*"By the Sword Divided" - Drama



*"C.A.B." - Children's
*"C.A.T.S. Eyes" - Action Drama
*"Cadfael" - Detective Drama
*"Café Continental" - Variety Show
*"Call My Bluff" - Game Show
*"Callan" - Drama
*"Camberwick Green" - Children's
*"Campion" - Mystery Drama
*"Candid Camera" - Hidden camera stunts
*"Capital City" - Drama
*"Captain Pugwash" - Children's
*"Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" - Science Fiction
*"Casualty" - Medical Drama
*"The Catherine Tate Show" - Comedy Sketches
*"Cathy Come Home" - social drama
*"Catweazle" - Children's
*"Chain Letters" - Game Show
*"Chalk" - Situation Comedy
*"Challenge Anneka" - Challenge entertainment
*"Changing Rooms" - Lifestyle
*"The Chart Show" - Music
*"Chef!" - Situation Comedy
*"Children of the Stones" - Science Fiction
*"Children's Ward" - Children's Drama
*"The Chinese Detective" - Police Drama
*"Clocking Off" - Drama
*"Cluedo" - Game show
*"Chocky" - Science Fiction
*"Chocky's Challenge" - Science Fiction
*"Chocky's Children" - Science Fiction
*"ChuckleVision" - Children's
*"Citizen Smith" - Situation Comedy
*"The Clangers" - Children's
*"Coast - Documentary
*"Cold Feet" - Drama
*"Colditz" - Historical Drama
*"Come Dancing" - Dance Contest
*"Comedy Playhouse" - Comedy anthology
*"The Comic Strip Presents" - Comedy Anthology
*"Compact" - Soap Opera
*"Connie" - Drama
*"Coronation Street" - Soap Opera
*"Coupling" - Situation Comedy
*"Cracker" - Psychological Drama
*"Crackerjack" - Children's Variety
*"Crime Traveller" - Science Fiction, Detective Drama
*"Crocodile Shoes" - Drama
*"Crossroads" - Soap Opera
*"The Crystal Maze" - Game Show



*"Dad's Army" - Situation Comedy
*"Dalgliesh" - Police Drama
*"Dalziel & Pascoe" - Mystery drama
*"DangerMouse" - Children's
*"The Day Today" - News Spoof/Satire
*"Dead Ringers" - Comedy/Satire
*"Deal or No Deal" - Game Show
*"Dear John" - Serial Situation Comedy
*"The Demon Headmaster" - Children's
*"Dempsey & Makepeace" - Action Drama
*"Department S" - Action Drama
*"Distant Shores"- Comedy Drama
*"Dinnerladies" - Situation Comedy
*"The District Nurse" - Drama
*"Dixon of Dock Green" - Police Drama
*"Doctor Finlay's Casebook" - Medical Drama
*"Doctor Who" - Science Fiction
*"Don't Ask Me" - Science Information
*"Doomwatch" - Science Fiction
*"Dramarama" - Children's
*"Drop the Dead Donkey" - Comedy/Satire
*"The Duchess of Duke Street" - Historical Drama


*"EastEnders" - Soap Opera
*"Edge of Darkness" - Thriller
*"Edward and Mrs Simpson" - Historical Drama
*"Eldorado" - Soap Opera
*"Elizabeth R" - Historical Drama
*"Emergency Ward 10" - Medical Drama
*"Emmerdale" - Soap Opera
*"Empire Road" - Drama
*"Enemy at the Door" - Historical Drama
*"Ever Decreasing Circles" - Situation Comedy



*"Fairly Secret Army" - Situation Comedy
*"Faking It" - Makeover/challenge show
*"The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin" - Situation Comedy
*"Fall of Eagles" - Historical Drama
*"Fame Academy" - Talent/reality
*"Families" - Soap opera
*"The Family" - Reality documentary
*"Family Affairs" - Soap Opera
*"A Family At War" - Drama
*"Family Fortunes" - Game Show
*"The Family-Ness" - Children's
*"The Fast Show" - Comedy/Satire
*"Father Ted" - Situation Comedy
*"Fawlty Towers" - Situation Comedy
*"Fifteen to One" - Quiz Show
*"FightBox" - Game Show
*"Fireman Sam" - Children's
*"Flambards" - Period Drama
*"The Flame Trees of Thika (TV series)" - Historical Drama
*"The Flipside of Dominick Hide" - Science Fiction
*"Flower Pot Men" - Children's
*"The Flumps" - Children's
*"Fonejacker" - Comedy Sketches
*"Footballers' Wives" - Drama
*"Footballers' Wives extra time" - Spin-off Drama
*"Fort Boyard" - Game Show
*"For The Children" - Children's series
*"The Forsyte Saga" - Drama
*"Fortunes of War" - Drama
*"Foyle's War" - Police Drama
*"Fresh Fields" - Situation Comedy
*"Fun House" - Game Show



*" [ Gagtag] " - Game show
*"Game for a Laugh" - Hidden camera stunts
*"" - Video games
*"Gamezville" - Video games
*"Gangsters" - Drama
*"Gardeners' World" - Factual
*"Garth Marenghi's Darkplace" - Comedy (spoof)
*"Gavin and Stacy" - Comedy/Drama
*"The Generation Game" - Game Show
*"The Gentle Touch" - Police Drama
*"George and Mildred" - Situation Comedy
*"Get Smarter In A Week" - Game show
*"Gideon's Way" - Police drama
*"Give Us a Clue" - Panel Game
*"Girls in Love" - Drama
*"Gladiators" - Game Show
*"Going Live!" - Children's
*"The Good Life" - Situation Comedy
*"The Good Old Days" - Variety
*"The Goodies" - Comedy
*"Goodness Gracious Me" - Comedy/Satire
*"The Gophers" - Animated
*"Grandstand" - Sports
*"Grange Hill" - Children's
*"Grass" - Situation Comedy
*"Green Wing" - Situation Comedy
*"The Grimleys" - Situation Comedy
*"The Grove Family" - Soap Opera



*"Hamish Macbeth" - Comedy Drama
*"Hancock's Half Hour" - Situation Comedy
*"Hark At Barker" - Situation Comedy
*"Harry's Game" - Thriller
*"Have I Got News for You" - Panel Game / Satire
*"Heartbeat" - Police Drama
*"The Herbs" - Children's
*"Hercule Poirot" - Detective Drama
*"Hi-de-Hi!" - Situation Comedy
*"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - Comedy / Science Fiction
*"Holby City" - Medical Drama
*"Holby Blue" - Police Drama
*"Hollyoaks" - Soap Opera
*"Hollyoaks Let Loose" - Soap opera spin off
*"" - Soap opera spin off
*"Hope and Glory" - Drama
*"Horizon" - Factual (science)
*"House of Cards" - Political Drama
*"The House of Eliott" - Historical Drama
*"Howards' Way" - Drama
*"How Clean Is Your House?" - Reality
*"How to Start Your Own Country" - Reality
*"Hustle" - Drama
*"Hyperdrive" - Comedy / Science Fiction



*"I, Claudius" - Historical Drama
*"I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" - Celebrity/reality
*"I'm Alan Partridge" - Situation Comedy
*"I Didn't Know You Cared" - Situation Comedy
*"If I Ruled the World" - Game show
*"Inspector Morse" - Detective Drama
*"Inspector Wexford" - Detective Drama
*"The Irish R.M." - Period Comedy/Drama
*"It Ain't Half Hot Mum" - Situation Comedy
*"It's Only TV But I Like It" - Panel Quiz on TV
*"Ivor the Engine" - Children's



*"Jackanory" - Children's
*"Jeeves and Wooster" - Comedy Drama
*"Jekyll" - Drama
*"Jim'll Fix It" - Entertainment
*"Joking Apart" - Situation Comedy
*"Jonathan Creek" - Comedy Drama
*"Jonny Briggs" - Children's
*"Jossy's Giants" - Children's
*"Juke Box Jury" - Music
*"Just For Laughs" - Hidden Camera
*"Juliet Bravo" - Police Drama
*"Just Good Friends" - Situation Comedy



*"Kaleidoscope" - Light Entertainment
*"Kavanagh QC" - Drama
*"Keeping Up Appearances" - Situation Comedy
*"The Kenny Everett Video Show" - Sketch Comedy
*"Kerching!" - Children's sitcom
*"Knightmare" - Children's
*"Knowing Me, Knowing You" - Comedy/Satire
*"The Krypton Factor" - Game Show
*"KYTV" - Comedy



*"Ladette to Lady" - Reality
*"The Lakes" - Romance Drama
*"Last of the Summer Wine" - Situation Comedy
*"The Late, Late Breakfast Show" - Entertainment
*"Later with Jools Holland" - Music
*"The League of Gentlemen" - Situation Comedy
*"The Lenny Henry Show" - Comedy Sketches
*"The Life and Loves of a She-Devil" - Drama
*"Life Begins" - Drama
*"Life on Earth" - Factual (Natural History)
*"Life on Mars" - Police drama/sci-fi/fantasy
*"Life With The Lyons" - Situation Comedy
*"The Likely Lads" - Situation Comedy
*"Lillie" - Historical Drama
*"Little Britain" - Comedy Sketches
*"The Liver Birds" - Situation Comedy
*"The Living Planet" - Factual (Natural History)
*"London's Burning" - Drama
*"Look Around You" - Spoof Comedy
*"The Lotus Eaters" - Drama
*"Love Soup" - Comedy-drama
*"Love Thy Neighbour" - Situation Comedy
*"Lovejoy" - Drama



*"McCallum" - Police Drama
*"The Mad Death" - Drama
*"The Magic Roundabout" - Children's
*"Magpie" - Children's
*"Maid Marian and her Merry Men" - Children's/Comedy
*"Maigret" - Drama
*"Making Out" - Comedy Drama
*"Making Waves" - Drama
*"Manchild" - Comedy / drama
*"Man About the House" - Situation Comedy
*"Man Alive" - Human Interest
*"Man in a Suitcase" - Action Drama
*"Mary Mungo & Midge" - Children's
*"The Mary Whitehouse Experience" - Comedy/Satire
*"Masterchef" - Competition
*"Mastermind" - Quiz
*"Match of the Day" - Sport
*"Max and Paddy's Road To Nowhere" - Situation Comedy
*"May to December" - Situation Comedy
*"Men Behaving Badly" - Situation Comedy
*"Merseybeat" - Police Drama
*"Metal Mickey" - Children's
*"Midsomer Murders" - Detective Drama
*"The Mighty Boosh" - Comedy
*"Minipops" - Variety Show
*"Minder" - Drama/Action
*"Mind Your Language" - Comedy
*"Miss Marple" - Detective Drama
*"Mr. Bean" - Situation Comedy
*"Mr. Bean" - Animated Comedy
*"Mogul / The Troubleshooters" - Drama
*"Monarch of the Glen" - Drama
*"The Money Programme" - Factual
*"Monkey Dust" - Animation/Satire
*"Monty Python's Flying Circus" - Comedy sketches
*"The Morecambe and Wise Show" - Comedy sketches
*"Muffin the Mule" - Children's
*"Murder City" - Police Drama
*"Murder in Mind" - Police Drama
*"Murder Rooms" - Police Dramna
*"Murphy's Law" - Police Drama
*"My Family" - Situation Comedy
*"My Hero" - Situation Comedy
*"My Dad's The Prime Minister" - Children's Comedy



*"Nathan Barley" - Comedy
*"N.C.I. National Crime Squad" Police Drama
*"Never Mind The Buzzcocks" - Panel Game
*"Never the Twain" - Situation Comedy
*"The New Avengers" - Action
*"The New Statesman" - Situation Comedy
*"The Newcomers" - Soap Opera
*"Newsnight" - Current affairs
*"Newsround" - Children's News
*"New Tricks" - Police Drama
*"Nighty Night" - Black Comedy
*"Noel's House Party" - Entertainment
*"No Hiding Place" - Police drama
*"Not Only... But Also" - Sketch Comedy
*"Not the Nine O'Clock News" - Comedy/Satire
*"NY-LON" - Drama



*"The Old Grey Whistle Test" - Music
*"The Office" - Situation Comedy
*"Oh, Doctor Beeching!" - Situation Comedy
*"Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt!" - Situation Comedy
*"The Omega Factor" - Science Fiction
*"On The Buses" - Situation Comedy
*"One Foot in the Grave" - Situation Comedy
*"The One Game" - Drama Serial
*"One Man and his Dog" - Competition
*"The Onedin Line" - Drama
*"The One Show" - Factual
*"Only Fools and Horses" - Situation Comedy
*"Only Fools on Horses"
*"onedottv" - 6+12 part ch4 series on digital filmmakers
*"Open All Hours" - Situation Comedy
*"Opportunity Knocks" - Talent Contest
*"Orange Playlist" - Music Show
*"Our Friends in the North" - Drama
*"Outnumbered" - Situation Comedy
*"Out of the Unknown" - Science Fiction



*"Paddington" - Children's
*"Panorama" - Current Affairs
*"The Paper Lads" - Children's
*"Parkinson" - Talk Show
*"Paul Temple" - Detective Drama
*"Peak Practice" - Drama
*"Pebble Mill" - Magazine
*"Peep Show" - Point of view Situation Comedy
*"People Like Us" - Situational Comedy
*"The Persuaders!" - Drama/Action
*"Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights" - Situation Comedy
*"Picture Page" - Magazine programme
*"Pinwright's Progress" - Situation Comedy
*"The Plane Makers/The Power Game" - Drama
*"Planet Earth" - Nature
*"Playaway" - Children's
*"Playdays" - Children's
*"Play for Today" - Drama anthology
*"Play School" - Children's
*"Play Your Cards Right" - Game Show
*"Poldark" - Historical Drama
*"Pop Idol" - Talent
*"Popstars" - Talent
*"Popstars The Rivals" - Talent
*"Popworld" - Music
*"Porridge" - Situation Comedy
*"Portland Bill" - Children's
*"Postman Pat" - Children's
*"Pot Black" - Sport (Snooker)
*"Press Gang" - Children's
*"The Price is Right" - Game Show
*"Prime Suspect" - Police Drama
*"Primeval" - Science Fiction
*"Private Schulz" - Comedy Drama
*"The Prisoner" - Science Fiction
*"The Professionals" - Drama/Action
*"The Protectors" - Drama/Action
*"Public Eye" - Detective Drama
*"Primeval" - Sci-Fi drama



*"QI" - Comedy, Panel Game
*"Quatermass" - Science Fiction
*"Queer as Folk" - Drama
*"A Question of Sport" - Panel game
*"Question Time" - Factual



*"Rab C. Nesbitt" - Situation Comedy
*"The Rag Trade" - Situation Comedy
*"Rainbow" - Children's
*"Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" - Comedy Drama
*"Ready Steady Cook" - cooking Show
*"Rebus" - Police drama
*"Record Breakers" - Children's
*"Red Dwarf" - Situation Comedy
*"Regency House Party" - Historical/reality
*"Rentaghost" - Children's
*"Respect" - Multicultural Sports
*"Return of the Saint" - Action Drama
*"Rex the Runt" - Animated
*"Ripping Yarns" - Comedy
*"Rising Damp" - Situation Comedy
*"Robin Hood" - Adventure
*"Robin of Sherwood" - Adventure
*"Robin's Nest" - Situation Comedy
*"Robot Wars" - Game Show
*"Rock Follies" - Musical drama
*"Roobarb" - Animated
*"Room 101" - Comedy, Talk Show
*"Rosemary and Thyme - Detective Drama
*"The Royle Family" - Situation Comedy
*"Rumpole of the Bailey" - Mystery
*"The Ruth Rendell Mysteries" - Mystery Drama
*"Rutland Weekend Television" - Comedy Sketches


*"The Saint" - Drama/Action
*"The Sandbaggers" - Spy Drama
*"Sapphire and Steel" - Science Fiction
*"Saracen" - Action/Drama
*"The Sarah Jane Adventures" - Science Fiction
*"Scrapheap Challenge" - Game Show
*"Sea of Souls" - Supernatural drama
*"Secret Army" - Historical Drama
*"Secret Cabaret" - Magic and illusion
*"The Secret Service" - Children's
*"Shameless" - Comedy Drama
*"Shelley" - Situation Comedy
*"Shillingbury Tales" - Light Drama
*"Silent Witness" - Police Drama
*"Shine on Harvey Moon" - Comedy Drama
*"Shoestring (TV series)" - Detective Drama
*"Shooting Stars" - Game Show
*"The Six Wives of Henry VIII" - Historical Drama
*"Six-Five Special" - Music
*"Skins" - Teenage Drama
*"The Sky at Night" - Factual (Astronomy)
*"Smuggler" - Children's Drama
*"Snuff Box" - Sketch Comedy
*"Softly, Softly" - Police Drama
*"Soldier Soldier" - Military Drama
*"Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em" - Situation Comedy
*"Sorted" - Drama
*"" - Science Fiction
*"Spaced" - Alternative Situation Comedy
*"Special Branch" - Police Drama
*"Spitting Image" - Comedy/Satire
*"Spooks" - Spy Drama
*"Sports Review" - Sport
*"The Sooty Show" - Children's
*"Star Cops" - Science Fiction
*"Star Maidens" - Science Fiction
*"Starlight" - Variety
*"State of Play" - Drama
*"Stella Street" - Comedy
*"Stephen Brown" - Science Fiction
*"Steptoe and Son" - Situation Comedy
*"Still Game" - Comedy
*"Stingray" - Science Fiction
*"Strathblair" - Drama
*"Strange Report" - Drama
*"Sugar Rush" - Drama
*"Supergran" - Children's
*"Supernatural" - Horror
*"Superstars" - Sports competition
*"Survivor" - Reality Game Show
*"Survivors" - Science Fiction
*"The Sweeney" - Police Drama
*"Sykes" - Situation comedy
*"Sykes and A..." - Situation comedy
*"Sykes and a Big, Big Show" - Situation comedy/Sketch show



*"T-Bag" - Children's
*"Taggart" - Police Drama
*"Take the High Road" - Soap Opera
*"Tales of the Unexpected" - Drama/Horror - adaptations of Roald Dahl stories
*"Telecrime" - Crime drama
*"Teletubbies" - Children's
*"Tenko" - Historical Drama
*"That Was The Team That Was" - Sports documentary
*"That Was The Week That Was" - Comedy/Satire
*"Theatre 625" - Drama Anthology
*"Theatre Parade" - Excerpts from London shows
*"The Commander" - Police Drama
*"The Day Today" - Comedy/Satire
*"The Friday Night Project" - Comedy
*"The IT Crowd" - Situation Comedy
*"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries" - Police Drama
*"The Last Detective" - Detective Drama
*"They Think It's All Over" - Comedy Panel Game
*"Thief Takers" - Crime Drama
*"This Is Your Life" - Celebrity
*"This Life" - Drama
*"This Week" - Current affairs (on ITV)
*"This Week" - Political affairs (on BBC)
*"Thomas and Friends" - Children's
*"Thunderbirds" - Science Fiction
*"Timeslip" - Science Fiction
*"Tittybangbang" - Comedy Sketches
*"To the Manor Born" - Situation Comedy
*"The Tomorrow People" - Science Fiction
*"Tomorrow's World" - Factual
*"Top Gear" - Factual (With Comical elements)
*"Top of the Pops" - Music
*"Torchwood" - Science Fiction
*"A Touch of Frost" - Police Drama
*"Trainer" - Drama
*"Triangle" - Drama
*"The Tripods" - Science Fiction
*"The Tube" - Music
*"Through the Keyhole" - Panel Game
*"Trevor's World of Sport" - Situation Comedy
*"Trigger Happy TV" - Hidden camera stunts
*"The Two of Us" - Situation Comedy
*"Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps" - Situation Comedy
*"The Two Ronnies" - Comedy
*"TV Heaven, Telly Hell" - Comedy, Talk Show



*"UFO" - Science Fiction
*"United!" - Drama
*"University Challenge" - Game Show
*"Up Pompeii!" - Situation Comedy
*"Upstairs, Downstairs" - Drama
*"Ultimate Force"



*"Van der Valk" - Detective Drama
*"A Very Peculiar Practice" - Comedy Drama
*"The Vicar of Dibley" - Situation Comedy
*"Vision On" - Children's



*"Waiting for God" - Situation Comedy
*"Waking the Dead" - Police Drama
*"Watching" - Situation Comedy
*"The Weakest Link" - Game Show
*"Weavers Green" - Soap Opera
*"We are the Champions" - Children's Game Show
*"The Wednesday Play" - Drama Anthology
*"What's My Line?" - Panel Game
*"What the Papers Say" - Current Affairs / Media Review
*"Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?" - Situation comedy
*"When the Boat Comes In" - Historical Drama
*"Where the Heart Is" - Drama
*"Who Dares Wins" - Sketch Comedy
*"Whoops Apocalypse" - Situation Comedy
*"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" - Game Show
*"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" - Game Show
*"Why Don't You? - Children's
*""Widows"" - Drama
*"Wife Swap" - Reality
*"Wings" - Historical Drama
*"Wire in the Blood" - Police Procedural
*"Wish Me Luck" - Historical Drama
*"Wish You Were Here...?" - Holiday travel
*"Within These Walls" - Drama
*"The Woodentops" - Children's
*"Woof!" - Children's
*"The Word" - Post-pub Variety Show
*"The World at War" - Documentary
*"Worzel Gummidge" - Children's
*"Would Like To Meet" - Reality/dating
*"Wycliffe" - Detective Drama



*"Xpress" - Popular UK multicultural show.
*"The X Factor" - Singing talent show.



*"Yellowthread Street" - Crime Drama
*"Yes Minister" - Situation Comedy



*"Z Cars" - Drama/Action


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