Thomas Blanchard

Thomas Blanchard

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Thomas Blanchard (June 24, 1788April 16, 1864) was a prolific American inventor, awarded over twenty-five patents for his creations.

Born in Sutton, Massachusetts, his first machine, made and patented in 1806, was a mechanical tack-maker, which could fabricate five hundred tacks per minute, each much better than tacks made by hand. Selling the rights to his machine for $5,000, Blanchard turned his attention to gun-barrels, and invented a machine that streamlined the process. Hired by the Springfield Armory during its construction, Blanchard finished the machine in 1820. Turning his attention to transportation, Blanchard invented a "steam wagon" before the invention of railroads, and created a powerful upriver steamboat that was used on the Connecticut River and the West, patented in 1831. In 1851, he designed and created a machine that could bend dense and strong wood. In addition to these major accomplishments, Blanchard also designed multiple envelope cutting and folding machines before his death in 1864.


*X0002080 Horizontal shearing machine May 4, 1813 (patent destroyed by fire)
*X0003010 Machine for tacks and brads October 3, 1817 (patent destroyed by fire)
* [ X0003131] Turning irregular forms (image only, no text) "Patented September 6, 1819"
*X0003436 Machine for turning gun stocks September 6, 1819 (patent destroyed by fire)
*X0004832 Regulating the speed of carriages December 28, 1825 (patent destroyed by fire)
*US Patent|3 Machine for turning, &c., wooden sheaves and pins for ships' tackle-blocks and pulleys, "dated August 1, 1836"
*US Patent|4 Stock shaving or rounding machine for edges, ends, &c., of ships' tackle-blocks, "dated August 10, 1836"
*US Patent|5 Machine for mortising solid wooden shells of ships' tackle-blocks, "dated August 10, 1836"
*US Patent|6 Machine for forming end pieces of plank blocks for ships, &c. "dated August 10, 1836"
*US Patent|7 Machine for boring holes and cutting lanyard-scores in deadeyes. "dated August 10, 1836"
*US Patent|8 Machine for cutting scoress round ships' tackle-blocks and dead-eyes. "dated August 10, 1836"
*US Patent|9 Method of riveting plank or made blocks. "dated August 10, 1836"


NAME= Blanchard, Thomas
SHORT DESCRIPTION=American inventor
DATE OF BIRTH=June 24 1788
PLACE OF BIRTH=Sutton, Massachusetts, United States
DATE OF DEATH=April 16 1864

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