Java processor

Java processor

A Java processor is the implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in hardware.In other words the bytecodes that make up the instruction set of the abstract machine become the instruction set of a concrete machine.


Up to now only a few Java processors are available:

*picoJava was the first attempt by Sun Microsystems to build a Java processor
* [ aJ100] from aJile. Available on boards from [ Systronix]
* [ Cjip] from Imsys Technologies
* [ Komodo] is a multithreaded Java microcontroller for research on real-time scheduling
* [ FemtoJava] is a research project to build an application specific Java processor
*ARM926EJ-S is an ARM processor able to run java bytecode
*Java Optimized Processor for FPGAs. A PhD thesis is [ available]
* [ SHAP] bytecode processor from the TU Dresden
* [ jHISC] provides hardware support for object-oriented functions, as described in a [ Microprocessors and Microsystems] article
* [ ObjectCore] is a multicore Java processor designed by [ Vivaja Technologies] .

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