Dresden Trumpeter

Dresden Trumpeter
Dresden Trumpeter
Dresdener Trommeltaube.jpg
Conservation Status Common
Country of origin Germany
US Breed Group Fancy
A pigeon bred for both voice and exhibition.
Pigeon (Columba livia)

The Dresden Trumpeter is a breed of fancy pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding.[1]



Saxony, in the region of Dresden.

Overall Impression

Only slightly sturdier than the Field Pigeon, low carriage, a rather long than short effect required. White wing shield. Double-crested.

  • Head: Not quite so powerful as the double-crested Trumpeter. The shell crest should be broad and unbroken. The beak crest should be somewhat oval in shape, as unbroken as possible all round; the larger, forward part covering the beak wattles and requiring some foundation to avoid unsightly hanging.
  • Eyes: Dark orange iris, somewhat lighter iris allowed in reds and yellows. Cere fine, flesh-coloured.
  • Beak: Dark in blacks, flesh-coloured in reds and yellows; in reds a somewhat darker tinge is permitted.
  • Neck: Short, fairly rounded, throat full, rounded.
  • Breast: Broad as possible, full and pressed well forward.
  • Back: Fairly broad at the shoulder, slightly sloping.
  • Wings: Fairly broad, with long primaries reaching almost to the end of the tail.
  • Tail: Long.
  • Legs: Thighs well feathered. Feet thick and full-muffed. However, muff feathers should not be excessively long. Muffs must spread to the side rather than to the front.


Red and yellow, very occasionally black.


White wing shields. All other feathers coloured.


Thin or weak body, upright stance; too much of a blue tinge in the colouring, white feathers in the primaries, muffs, tail, thighs and head; distorted beak crest; narrow, distorted or incomplete shell crest; muffs which are too short or full of gaps. Order of Evaluation: Overall Impression - body size - carriage - markings - head adornment.

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