Spectre (disambiguation)

Spectre (disambiguation)

Spectre or specter may refer to:


* Spectre, a ghost, or another kind of spiritual being or sprite.


* "SPECTRE", an evil organization from James Bond novels and films
* "Spectre" (film), a 1977 made-for-television movie produced and written by Gene Roddenberry
* "Specter" (film), a Japanese tokusatsu film released in 2005
* Spectre (His Dark Materials), malevolent beings in the Philip Pullman novel trilogy "His Dark Materials"
* Spectre (comics), a DC Comics character
* Silk Spectre, a DC Comics character
* Spectre, a character from Archie Comics
* Spectreman, a tokusatsu TV series of 1970s
* "Spectres" (film), a 2004 film


* "Spectres" (album), the 1977 album by Blue Öyster Cult

Video games

* "Spectre" (video game), a 1991 video game developed by Velocity for the Macintosh computer
* "Spectre" (Apple II game), a 1982 game for the Apple II published by Datamost
* Specter (Ape Escape), a villain in the video game series "Ape Escape"
* Spectre, a vehicle from the video game series Halo


* Arlen Specter, a Republican Senator in the United States Congress
* Michael Specter, American journalist
* Spectre (musician), alias of producer and rapper Skiz Fernando
* Akhenaton (rapper), a French hip hop artist who uses "Spectre" as one of his aliases
* Spectre (political party), in the United Kingdom

Military hardware

* Spectre M4, an Italian submachine gun
* AC-130H Spectre, an American warplane
* De Havilland Spectre hydrogen peroxide rocket engine
* "F-110A Spectre", a briefly-used US Air Force designation for the Navy-developed F-4 Phantom II

ee also

* Spector (disambiguation) (includes Spektor)
* Spectrum (disambiguation)

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