Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz

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The Indian Spitz is a spitz-type dog breed belonging to the Utility Dog group. The Indian Spitz was bred as a farm worker in India, but has in recent times ceded popularity to the near-identical Pomeranian.

The Indian Spitz is usually white in colour, but it may also be solid brown or black. The breed is recognised by the Kennel Club of India, and is classified into the Smaller Indian Spitz and the Greater Indian Spitz.


These dogs are generally playful and kind towards human. They bark quite often for fun or for needs. Indian spitz also love to chase their own tail. They are quite athletic. These type of dogs like to jump around and are mostly active. They could adapt aggressive nature if not treated properly.


These dogs are fairly associated with the wolf family as they like to hunt down pigeons and rodents. They often use their ancestry skills to hunt their prey like bending on their knees and slowly moving towards their target. Indian spitz are small in length and height so they are generally linked up with Pomeranian.


Indian spitz are very intelligent. They can learn many tricks in minutes if taught in a proper way. They are quite clever and can understand human intentions very well.

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