Hashmallim (singular Hashmal) are an angelic entity in both Judaism and Christianity.

They appear in the Hebrew Bible in Ezekiel 1:4

:I saw, and behold, there was a stormy wind coming from the north, a great cloud with flashing fire and a brilliance surrounding it; and from its midst, like the color of the Hashmal [often translated electrum] from the midst of the fire, and in its midst there was the likeness of four Chayot (living creatures).

Hashmallim occupy the fourth rank of ten in Maimonides's exposition of the Jewish Angelarchy.

Hashmallim also appear in the Christian Hierarchy of angels.

References in Popular Culture

In the popular Final Fantasy series of video games, in the stories set in the world of Ivalice, "Hashmallum" or "Hashmal" has been depicted as a lion-like beast

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