Oroqen language

Oroqen language
Spoken in China
Region Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang
Native speakers 1,200  (2002)
Language family
Language codes
ISO 639-3 orh

Oroqen (also known as Orochon, Oronchon, Olunchun, Elunchun, Ulunchun) is a Northern Tungusic language spoken in the People's Republic of China. Dialects are Gankui and Heilongjiang. Gankui is the standard dialect.[1] It is spoken by the Oroqen people of Inner Mongolia (prodominantly the Oroqin Autonomous Banner) and Heilongjiang in Northeast China.

Currently, the Oroqen language is still unwritten. However, the majority of the Oroqen are capable of reading and writing Chinese and some can also speak the Daur language.


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