Grupo de Operações Especiais (Portugal)

Grupo de Operações Especiais (Portugal)

Infobox Military Unit
unit_name= Grupo de Operações Especiais

country= flagcountry|Portugal
type= Special Operations
branch= Polícia de Segurança Pública
dates= March 29, 1982 - Present
specialization= Domestic counter-terrorism and law enforcement
command_structure= Directly under control of the Polícia de Segurança Pública (police) and the Ministry of the Interior of Portugal
size= 210
garrison= Lisbon
nickname= GOE

Grupo de Operações Especiais - GOE (Special Operations Group) is the Portuguese PSP (Police) special operations unit, manned slightly over 200 elements.

In 1978, Quinta das Águas Livres was acquired and the construction works of the infrastructures necessary to organise the instruction activities and to accommodate the distinct elements that would form a future operational group began.Alongside, also began studies regarding the creation of the GOE and, with the co-operation of the British government, thanks to the efforts of Mota Pinto's government, elements of the 22nd Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) came to Portugal to train and start the formation of a police group able to conduct anti-terrorist missions.

In March 29 1982, the first "COE – Curso de Operações Especiais" (Special Operations Course) began (not to be mistaken with CTOE's COE). The course ended on November 18 of the same year; the unit was considered to be totally operational and with an intervention capability since the end of 1982, although it was formally created in 1979. As a result of that approach between the British SAS and the Portuguese GOE, the pictures of the first agents are hard to distinguish between British and Portuguese since their uniforms, equipment and weaponry are identical. Later, GOE, still maintaining a strong relationship with the SAS, also began training with the US Delta Force, Germany's GSG 9, Spain's Guardia Civil Anti-Terrorist units and Israeli Anti-Terrorist units. GOE's capabilities were put to the test in June, 1983, when Armenian commandos, using rented cars, invaded the residence of the Turkish ambassador and killed a PSP officer who was part of the embassy's security team, holding the rest of the people there hostage. The Prime-Minister, Mario Soares, gave the green light to GOE to storm the building. Before this could be attempted, the terrorists accidentally blew themselves up, resulting in 4 dead terrorists and one casualty (the ambassador's wife).

Since that moment, the missions assigned to the unit became more diverse and demanding. After 1991, GOE operational elements, together with ex-operators, began missions of protection of diplomatic representatives and installations in foreign countries where there are unstable situations or armed conflicts.The level of operators deployed to those scenarios depends of the situation. GOE also intervenes if the evacuation of Portuguese citizens is needed: in 1992 in Luanda (Angola), in 1991 and 1997 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (former Zaire) and in other countries like Guinea-Bissau, South Africa, Algeria, Macau and Bosnia.In those missions, they had to face attempts of forced entry into the diplomatic delegations by armed militants; the most serious being the missions that happened in 1997 in Zaire and in 1998 in Guinea; in the latter a grenade was launched into the embassy building where the security team was. In 2005 they were sent to Saudi Arabia and Iraq to protect the Portuguese embassies and personnel in both countries. Some were also sent into Timor-Leste in 2006. Since 2006, the unit has the support of police elements from the famous CI (Corpo de Intervenção) in the security of the Portuguese Embassies in Iraq and East-Timor. In August 2008 they were also assigned to end a robbery taking place in a branch of the portuguese bank BES, involving two armed robbers and six hostages, successfully taking out one of the robbers with a shot fired from a sniper, and injuring the other with two shots fired at closer range. All hostages were released, four of them shortly after the beggining of the negotiations, while the other two were held until the end. This intervention was generally considered very successful.

GOE is also deployed on VIP protection missions for visiting dignitaries, co-operating with other PSP units in establishing security cordons and, specially, as select snipers in missions of observation, search and detection of terrorist snipers.Another activity for which GOE is required is in co-operation with the Anti-Crime Brigades, where they are employed in surveillance missions and in the entry of fortified installations related to weapons or drugs trafficking.

The unit is organized as follows:
*Support Services
*UEI ("Unidade Especial de Intervenção") - Special Intervention Unit, consisting of:
**Three GOI ("Grupos Operacionais de Intervenção") - Intervention Operational Group (1st, 2nd and 3rd), each commanded by an officer and includes 20 to 25 elements
**One GOT ("Grupo Operacional Técnico") - Technical Operational Group (4th) responsible for instruction, handling explosives, police dogs and other technical instruments, such as cameras and night vision devises.


* Heckler & Koch MP5

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