name = "Tupinambis"

image_width = 200px
image_caption = "Tupinambis teguixin"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Reptilia
ordo = Squamata
familia = Teiidae
genus = "Tupinambis"
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = see text

"Tupinambis" is a lizard genus which belongs to the family of Teiidae. These large, South American lizards are commonly referred to as tegus; "Tupinambis merianae" (Argentine Black and White Tegu), "Tupinambis rufescens" (Red Tegu), and "Tupinambis teguixin" (Colombian Black and White Tegu, Gold Tegu, or Common Tegu) are all common in the pet trade. Tegus are an escaped or illegally released species that has adapted to living in some of the more remote areas of South Florida.

Tegus are usually primarily carnivorous, except for "T. rufescens" (which is primarily herbivorous) and "T. merianae" (which is debatable 50/50). Tegus fill the same ecological niche as monitor lizards and are an example of convergent evolution.

In captivity

The two most docile and easiest to handle species are the Argentine Black and White Tegu and the Red Tegu. Additionally, a new variety has been recently introduced, called the Blue Tegu due to the tendency of males to become bright blue colour upon maturity. These variations grow to 2.5 to 4 feet and have a pleasant nature making them good pets. Tegus are also one of the most intelligent lizards known.

In captivity, a healthy tegus' diet should consist of mice/pinkies, crickets, and assorted fruits and vegetables. In addition, they need proper housing with UVA and UVB light setups, maintaining a steady enclosure temperature of 75 F - 90 F during the day and just slightly cooler at night. Because tegus, like all lizards, are ectothermic, a temperature gradient will allow them to find the perfect location for their needs, so they also need a spot for basking with a temperature of 100 F - 120 F.

Tegus naturally go into a hibernation cycle but it has been discovered that this is not needed to maintain their health.


* "Tupinambis duseni" – Yellow Tegu
* "Tupinambis longilineus" – Rondônia Tegu
* "Tupinambis merianae" – Argentine Black and White Tegu (formerly "T. teguixin")
* "Tupinambis quadrilineatus" – Four-striped Tegu
* "Tupinambis palustris"
* "Tupinambis rufescens" – Red Tegu
* "Tupinambis teguixin" – Gold Tegu (formerly "T. nigropunctatus")

External links

* [http://www.tegutalk.com/ TeguTalk.com: Reptile Forums and Chatroom] (Owned and operated by Bobby Hill of Varnyard Herps, Inc.)

* [http://www.varnyard-herps-inc.com/ Varnyard Herps, Inc.com: Home of the Dog Tame Tegus] (Care and advice for Extreme Giant Tegus, High contrast Argentine Red Tegus and Argentine Black and White Tegus)

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