List of items and artifacts in Negima

List of items and artifacts in Negima

This article is a list of items and artifacts that appeared in the manga "Mahou Sensei Negima".

Pactio Artifacts

A person making a pactio with a Magister Magi will result in the creation of a Pactio card. Among the many uses of the card is that it can summon a magical "artifact" for the Ministra Magi's use. Factors such as the Ministra's personality and talents determine the properties of the artifact. For example, Asuna Kagurazaka's magic-nullifying abilities, athletic body, and violent temper produced a large sword artifact capable of unsummoning demons and shattering magical barriers in a single blow.Here is a small list:

Asuna: A sword that first appears as a fan and then later on becomes a stone sword.

Nodoka: A magical book that allows her to read peoples minds. Also, later on in the manga, she finds magical artifacts that allow her to: hear instead of read thoughts, and to be able to hear more than 1 person at a time.

Yue: A magical encyclopedia that allows her to search for a subject in all magical books in the world even classified information regarding forbidden magic or techniques.

Konoka: 2 fans that increase her healing ability. This allows her to heal any wound, poison and petrification (except for a death) that isn't 3 minutes old.

Paru: She gets a magical sketchpad that allows her to summon anything that she draws.

Chisame: A magical staff(?) that allows her to teleport her soul into the electronic world. She also gets the 7 spirits of the internet.

Setsuna: A complementry shoto or wakizashi. In addition to being an extra blade, it can also create 16 extra copies of itself.

Asakura: Six flying cameras (?) that can be used for spying or searching for missing comrades.

Magical and High-tech Items

Aside from Pactio artifacts, Many other magical items have appeared in the series, or been discussed. In addition, the nature of the students attending Mahora Academy has resulted in the creation of many objects and vehicles (like Chachamaru), with a level of technology much different than the world around it.

Book of Melchizedek

This is a book stored in the Library Island, it is said to have the powers to make people smart, just by holding it. The Five Baka-Rangers, along with Negi and Konoka, went on an expedition to find it, in order to avoid finishing last during the Second-Year Exams. Negi claims that it is a very powerful artifact, perhaps the Ultimate Spell Book, in which jacking up brainpower would simply be a warm-up. When being chased by the stone golem, (actually Headmaster Konoemon Konoe in disguise), the Baka-Rangers did claim that touching the book made them feel smarter, but it could be due to their studying for the exams.


Cassiopeia, a pocket watch given to Negi by Chao Linshen allows him to time travel. Only three have been shown to exist so far, with Chao at two and Negi with one. The amount of magic used is the determining factor of how far one can travel, according to Chao in the manga, 24 hours is the limit for a single mage, and is only demonstrated to allow travel in time, not space (although in the anime it was used to take the entire class to Germany in the year 1993). Negi used the device during the Mahora Festival, in order to keep his promises to visit each of his students' festival activities.

Unfortunately, the watch is also vulnerable to sabotage - when it was brought into Evangeline's resort, a trap that Chao Linshen had built into it caused the resort to keep them for a week in the real world when it should have only been a few hours. Afterwards, it became inactive since the main source of energy was the World Tree during the Mahora Festival. Negi and the gang were able to reactivate the watch by going deep into the core of the World Tree, which still had some residual magic left for a time jump. Apparently, it was enough to make it back to the third day of the Mahora Festival, but the watch seemed to break at the end of the jump when Negi collapsed and dropped it, implying that its further usefulness would be limited.

During the "Mahora Mage Order vs. Mars" mock battle, Negi managed to use the Cassiopeia to counter the time-displacement effects of Tatsumiya Mana's bullets. Later, during the climatic battle against Chao Linshen, Negi used a pair of specially-empowered spirits in order to make minute adjustments to his own Cassiopeia and keep pace against Chao's time-jumping attacks. In the end, however, both opponents' Cassiopeias were destroyed.

Cassiopeia No.2

Even if the watch designs are the same, Cassiopeia No.2 is carried by Chao and allows her to go into the future if the time-watch is already filled with magic power. She used it to escape from the teachers after the Mahora Fighting Tournament half-a-day. Like Cassiopeia, it does not allow her to travel in space. No details have been said about the limits. Due to its ability, Chao was able to evade physical attacks by moving forward into the future. She was even able to avoid being trapped by Setsuna's Pactio artifact. Chao uses this one to return to her own time at the end of the Festival.

Cassiopeia No. 3

For the battles in the final day of the festival, Chao's Battlesuit has a third Cassiopeia unit built into the back of the suit, which is controlled by an AI computer. However, during her fight with Negi, the watch is shattered, thereby preventing her from using it to skip through time.

Chao Bao Zi

An outdoor restaurant made, owned, and operated by Chao Lingshen. The "Chāo Bāo Zi" (lit. "Super-"Bāozi", as well as "Chao's "Bāozi") is essentially a movable stall made up of two streetcars. The second of which is a bar and kitchen with stools that fold out of the car's sides. The restaurant is only open for a limited time, usually the week before the School Festival. As the name suggests, Chao Bao Zi specializes in Chinese cuisine, particularly the dish for which it is named. The restaurant is usually staffed by Chao and her friends: Satomi Hakase, Satsuki Yotsuba, Ku Fei, and Chachamaru Karakuri. Chao and Satsuki cook, and the serving is done by Satomi, Chachamaru, and Ku. Although it hasn't been open very long, Chao Bao Zi has become extremely popular all over the campus, by teachers and students alike at all levels.

What appear to be two gun turrets are mounted on the top of each car, but their barrels are sealed, and their purpose remains unknown. The kitchen car is also capable of flight, the stools converting into hover engines.

In the Negima! anime, the Chao Bao Zi serves as Satsuki's Pactio artifact, allowing to serve enough food to feed an army of demons, or at least make some of the more foolish ones eat themselves to death.

Demon-sealing Bottle

This bottle, first shown during Negi's flashback in his mind-synchronization with Asuna, and then later in the battle against Wilhelm, is used as a container for sealing demons. The bottle was first shown being used by Stan to protect a then four year-old Negi from Wilhelm and the Slime Trio. When Wilhelm and the Trio were released, they kept the bottle with them, and it was stolen by Kotaro after a short fight with them. Negi tried to use the bottle to re-seal Wilhelm, but the magic was deflected by the pendant Wilhelm placed on Asuna in order to use her magic-cancelling ability for his own protection. Yue and Nodoka would later use it to seal the Slime Trio.

Evangeline's Resort

First appeared in chapter 63, Evangeline's resort is a magic artifact built and maintained by Evangeline. Its outward appearance is a model resort inside a spherical glass bottle. Around this bottle is a magic circle that serves as the entrance. This circle draws those who enter it inside, whether they wish to or not. Once inside, people need to stay there for at least 24 hours before they can come out. The time inside the resort is different from outside and every 24 hours inside only equals to one hour of normal time. This resort is a very good place for practicing magic since Evangeline made it easy to cast magic inside, and her servant Chachazero is able to move freely on her own, thanks to the unsealing of Evangeline's powers while inside the resort. However, she also recommended to the girls not to use it too often, because it makes them grow older in real life as in the resort, they age 24 hours but in real life, only 1 hour has passed. This does not affect Evangeline, being an immortal Shinso vampire. It has also been revealed that Takahata-sensei has used the resort in order to train in his own fighting style, which could explain why he looks older than he should be, chronologically speaking. In Chapter 170, Evangeline expanded the resort, adding five new interconnected bottles, each with a different environment.

Love potions

Love potions have appeared a few times in the manga. The first was a potion created by Negi in order to help Asuna. The actual effect of the potion was that anyone of the opposite sex who looked at the person who drank the potion (which in this case, was unfortunately Negi) would instantly fall in love with them. A second love potion appeared as a form of chocolates, and worked internally, the person eating them would fall in love with the first person they saw (which, again, was unfortunately Negi). This effect, unlike the first potion, was more long-term and subtle in effect, possibly in order to convince the victim that the effect is the result of their own feelings, and reduce the chances of their use being detected. This is because love potions/magic are actually outlawed contraband in Western Magic societies because they modify and alter the free will of other people, and in the case of these love potions- the romantic feelings of the person. Because they can be used for malicious purposes, it is illegal to use or produce them. Negi's first attempt to make one was a poor grade form at best and luckily, he had not been found out and punished for it.

Magic-cancelling Pendant

During his battle against Negi and Kotarou, Wilhelm used a pendant to utilize Asuna's magic-nullifaction power as his own. The pendant also seemed to project an area-of-effect field.

Magic Catalysts

Magic catalysts can exist in various forms, from thrown potions to wearable items. Catalysts contain ingredients or are charged with magical power that can be used with minimal or no drain of the user's magical energy. During her initial fights with Negi, for example, Evangeline McDowell threw several catalyst potions to cast her spells, compensating for her mostly-sealed magical power. Negi used them on his own in the subsequent battle against her, in order to conserve his own energy.

Magic gun

A magic gun was used by Negi to fight against Evangeline in the black out battle of manga book 3. No long description was given but it is able to shoot down magic arrows cast by Evangeline. Other types of magic guns have been shown in the manga, from small wand-like pistols to large bazooka-like weapons. Negi seems to have some Panzerfaust kind of disposable single-shot rocket weapons. A large number of these weapons were distributed to the participants during the third day of the Mahora Festival to combat Chao's robot army under the pretense that it is a game. One interesting point is that Yuuna still retains two of the guns (a pistol and a larger grenade launcher-type) that she used during that day and that they were still working by chapter 177, despite not being powered by the overflowing magic of the World Tree. Ironically, her ignorance of magic keeps her oblivious to the fact that her guns shouldn't be working at all. This may be a result of untapped magic power inherited from her parents.

Mana's Bullets

As a part-time Shinto Priestess, former Ministra Magi, and mercenary for hire, Mana Tatsumiya uses a variety of ammunition in her firearms to combat supernatural threats.

Known types of ammunition

* Barrier Shot - A shell fired by Chachamaru at Sukuna from a large Anti-tank rifle. The shot immobilized the demon long enough for Evangeline to take it down with her "End of the World" spell.
* "Spellbreaker" BB rounds - capable of penetrating magical barriers and damaging/exorcising demons and ghosts. It is more than likely that Mana possesses true bullets of this property as well.
* Tranquilizer darts - Mana used this ammunition to forcibly stop love confessions in the area of the World Tree's magical influence during the Mahora Festival. The darts are designed to render the victim unconscious and paralyzed for the next few days until the festival is over, disabling them from making further confession attempts.
* "BCTL" (" Bullet of Compulsory Time Leap ") - Dubbed the "ultimate bullet" by Chao Linshen, these bullets were used by Chao, Mana and the robot army during the "Mahora Mage Order vs. Mars" battle, this round is engineered to send the target three hours into the future, and also dislocates them to a certain area. The bullets also nullify magical barriers and will displace the target even if cut or deflected by a sword; the only defense against them is evasion or to shoot/block them from a safe distance. At the end of the festival, all victims of the bullets reappeared on a grassy knoll not far from the ending festivities.

=Staves and wands=

Staffs and magic wands are used to help the casting of magic, and can be considered as a kind of focal point. Staffs are necessary for beginners to cast magic although higher-level mages like Evageline and Negi can cast without one. Negi's staff is able to answer to his call and fly to him. He also uses it as a vehicle (much like a witch riding a broomstick), as it can fly at the speed of a car. Smaller "training" wands are also Negi's collection and are used in Evangeline's resort for students like Yue and Nodoka to practice basic magic. Negi carries a small wand for emergency use as well. In chapter 70, Konoka also carried a retractable wand with her. Negi's friend Anya utilizes a short cane with a curled knob on one end.

During the third day of the Mahora Festival, several thousand wands with simple incantation triggers were among the variety of weapons selectable by participants of the so-called "Mars Attacks Vs Mage Order" mock battle. These wands can be used by anyone and were made specifically to disable magically animated constructs such as golems and robots, while remaining harmless to humans.

Red Candy/Blue Candy, Age-Deceiving Pills

The Red Candy/Blue Candy, Age-Deceiving Pills, (English-version: Age-Misrepresentation Pastilles, Red & Blue Candy Drops) are special, very expensive magic pills that Chamo had purchased at These pills have the ability to change the outer appearance of the person who takes them, to different age by illusion. The main purpose was to turn Negi 30 years old, in order to help Asuna get the courage to ask out Takahata-sensei, by using Negi as a practice subject. The red pills render the user older, while the blue pills make the user younger. Due to the somewhat unstable effects, it is very difficult to make oneself older or younger more than a few years from his/her true age, and the effects usually last for about half a day. Turning 30 was too hard for Negi, so he settled on a teenage (15 years old) version of himself, (which later became his 'cousin Nagi'). Konoka was the only one so far to be able to attain an adult form of herself (ages 18 and 21), as well as an infant version, (possibly by accident after gorging on the pills). Other users of the pills include the wolf-boy Kotaro (15), Setsuna (7) and Chisame (10) (without her consent when Chachamaru popped one in her mouth). Not surprisingly, the older-looking Negi resembles his father Nagi when he was 15, and even Evangeline was fooled for a moment. Negi has used the pills on a few occasions, most recently to escape the paparazzi after the Mahora Fighting Tournament, and to take out Ako Izumi as 'Nagi' to help her relax before the Mahora Festival's live concert. Mana has also used a blue pill in order to get into a movie theater at a child's rate, though it is revealed that the cost of one pill is ¥2000, which is even more than an adult ticket.

With the White Wing Club now being hunted by bounty hunters in the Magic World, Negi and Kotaro must again assume their teenage forms, while Chisame returns to her guise as 'Chiu's Little Sister.'

The pills are a reference to the manga "Marvelous Melmo" by Osamu Tezuka.


In volume eleven, as Negi is practicing in Evangeline's resort, Evangeline gives him a ring which, when worn, allows Negi to cast spells without the aid of a wand/staff, so that during the Mahora Festival Tournament, Negi doesn't have to worry about carrying or losing his staff in battle. He also made use of it to conjure up a sleep-inducing fog to fool Ako into thinking that a disastrous encounter was just a bad dream. Currently, he is using it as he had lost his staff during the disastrous encounter with Fate in the Magic World.

pace-displacement Charm

Used by Tatsumiya Mana in her fight against Kaede in chapter 155, these small paper charms allow Tatsumiya to teleport to any point of space (even in midair) that she chooses once activated. However, as Tatsumiya says, they are very expensive (800,000 yen/~$8,000) so they are not practical to use repetitively. Their limits in distance are not known.

ayo-Chan Doll

In order to allow Sayo to leave Mahora and accompany the White Wing Club to Wales, Asakura purchased a special doll that the ghost girl could possess. Once inside, Sayo can move the doll like a robot and interact with the living world, though at the moment, she is unused to walking again after having no feet for over 60 years. Asakura had bought the item from Osorezan and to Sayo's horror, the doll has a voodoo figure inside of it, (most likely the source of its power). As a test run before the Wales trip, Asakura brought the Sayo-possessed doll with her when Negi and his crew took a trip to the beach.

Portal to the Magic World

The exact location of the portal is unknown, though its general location seems be close to Negi's hometown in Wales. The portal is supposed to be partially in another dimension, (according to Donnet McGuiness), and can be reached by using a navigation spell. Otherwise, the fog that surrounds it will cause any interlopers to get lost and disoriented. Such intruders will wander aimlessly before finally ending up several hours later, at the edge of town. One interesting point is that every ten years or so, a person can actually stumble across the portal due to sheer luck or accident. The odds for this to even happen is comparable to winning the jackpot of a lottery, (such as Sakurako Shiina's gambling luck). The portal resembles that of Stonehenge, but with completed stone arches and no erosion or damage. It only appears once a week and can apparently transport large groups of people to and from the Magic World. At very bad times, the portal may only appear once a month. Currently, with Fate's attack, the Gateport in the Magic World has been severely damaged, perhaps beyond repair.

lave Collars

In the Magical World, slaves are easily identified by the magical collars they wear. In conjunction with a magical ball attuned to the collars, the collars can be used to deliver an electric shock to an unruly slave. In addition the collars are designed to explode if tampered with, killing the unlucky person who has been forced to wear one. Ako Izumi, Natsumi Murakami, and Akira Okochi became the unfortunate possessors of these magical items, after selling themselves into slavery to purchase medicine for Ako.

Comptina Daemonia

The Comptina Daemonia is a small ring that gives its wearer the ability to know the name of anybody they see. Nodoka found it while escaping from the Noctis Labyrinth, a dungeon in the magical world. By combining its power with her artifact, she was able to increase her intelligence gathering skills to new levels.

Regular Items

A number of (relatively) more mundane things are also seen around the campus of Mahora Academy, or in the hands of its students. Despite their more normal status, their presence at the academy is often unusual in and of itself.

Boeing Stearman

The Mahora Aerobatics Club flies Stearman biplanes with an extra fuel tank mounted under the fuselage. Other modifications include covered landing gear, cowled engine, single cockpit (with the front cockpit either removed or the two combined into one, or simply covered by surface material) and squared-off rudder.

Interestingly, thousands of Stearman planes were sold to civil users after the Second World War, which may explain how Mahora Academy obtained the aircraft.

Kaede's Shuriken

A giant Fuuma shuriken that has become something of a trademark for the tall kunoichi. This particular model however is excessively large, resembling four wide Zanbatō blades around a central ring with a handle going through the hole. The weapon has a pull cord that can be used to make the blades spin around the ring, blocking ranged attacks and chopping up anything unfortunate enough to get in its path.

In the manga, it's a normal weapon that Kaede uses when she fights Kotaro. In the first anime, it serves as her Pactio artifact.

Mana's guns

(In the order of appearance)
* M40A1: This is just an airsoft replica of the actual gun, presumably manufactured by Sun Project, since it is the only airsoft gun manufacturer in Japan with the wooden handle version. However, the manga version seems to be semi-automatic and does not need to use the bolt action. This was used in both chapter 49, 86 and 155, they fire 6mm BB bullets enchanted for exorcism. This was used also as a weapon for the biathlon club activities in the anime. Written as a footnote on the early character design profiles in the manga, Akamatsu originally planned for her to use a normal Remington 700 instead. The reason of changing to the military model M40A1 is unknown, although it is a known fact that a rifle with a detachable box magazine might be better in some cases.
*IMI Desert Eagle:A pair of these was used in chapters 49, 86 and 155. She uses them as short-range weapons along with her incredible athletic skills. These are just airsoft replicas of the actual gun, most likely Tokyo Marui built, they fire 6mm BB bullets enchanted for exorcism purpose in chapter 49 and presumably something tranquilizing in chapter 86 when used on students.(they may also have been her pactio artifacts)
* PGM Hecate II:This rifle fires .50 BMG bullets but since she was using it on students, she loads tranquilizing bullets in it. This is the only firearm that is explicitly stated as NOT an airsoft gun. This was used in chapter 86. Notice it is almost impossible for a .50BMG to not harm a human. Therefore, this might be a replica of the real gun. Either that, or the gun has been tuned down (most military sniper rifles have the ability to adjust the trigger pull) to fire the somewhat weaker tranquilizer round, since the students that were shot were sent flying afar (which is physically impossible, even for .50 BMG).
* Heckler & Koch PSG1:This rifle was used to fire special bullets that can penetrate magic barriers. (For detail description of the bullet, please see Bullets section above) In the hands of Mana, she has enough skill to richochet rounds from buildings to attack targets behind cover. It was never made clear whether this rifle was an airsoft replica or a real PSG1 loaded with time warping 7.62x51mm NATO rounds.
* FN P90:This sub-machine gun was first used in chapter 155, and loaded with time-warping bullets (like the PSG-1). She used it (one-handed) as a defense weapon when Kaede managed to get close enough to her to attack, though a few seconds later, she is shown fighting hand-to-hand with her Desert Eagles again. Like the PSG1 it was never made clear whether this weapon was an airsoft replica or real.
* MG42:This GPMG was seen in the "Negima!?" anime being polished by Mana on a rooftop. Because of its German make (and the fact that such guns were used in World War II), Yūna became attracted it. But for no reason, however, Mana refused to let Yūna even touch it. Of the numerous guns Mana was seen polishing on, this was one of the only guns explicitly identified in the entire series at least by another character (i. e. Yūna).
* SIG-Sauer P228:When Mana transforms into her Cosplay form in the final episode of "Negima!?", she is given a pair of P228s as her weapons. Using these guns, she easily stops projectile attacks of the three cheerleaders during a situation where they believe that Mana is holding Zazie hostage.

Mil Mi-24

A Russian Mi-24 assault low-capacity transport gunship seen in the background during the Mahora Festival, belonging to the Mahora Military Club. Equipped weapons remains unknown, although it is possible that it is the popular "Hind-D" variant of the helicopter (hence comes with better systems than earlier variants, although it is now superseded by the Mi-24PN). How the Military Club managed to obtain the helicopter and other vehicles (effectively breaking Japanese legislations on self-defense forces) remains unknown.

Nuru Nuru X

Nuru Nuru X (Slime Slime X), appeared in chapter 67, the gel was said to have various cosmetic uses.

V-22 Osprey

This aircraft is seen flying in chapter 159 during the final battle between Negi and Chao.

English Culture Research Club Badge

* With the formation of the new group to search for Negi's father, each member is given a small white pin in the shape of a wing (chapter 176). This is in reference to the original group Nagi Springfield belonged to, the Crimson Wing, (the new club is also known as the White Wing, replacing the temporary name Negima Club). The pin is the target for Evangeline's Badge Collection game, in which the other girls of Class 3-A must get in order to join the group in their trip to England. In the end, no one is able to get a badge as the club members handily defeat all attempts. Another thing to note is that the badges are also homing devices in which Chachamaru can use to locate the club's members, should they become separated from one another.

Ayaka's Negi Jet

In order to follow the White Wing Club to England, Ayaka had prepared a private jet for herself and several of her classmates to travel in. Its make and model is unknown, though it resembles a Falcon 20. Its most distinguishing feature is that it has a very outrageous paint job with Negi's face on its side, along with several heart designs and the words "Negi Love!" Many of the girls were understandably reluctant to board the plane, but apparently they were able to do so as they join Negi's group in England.

Yue's drinks

(In the order of appearance)
* Green tea Cola :It appeared in chapter 7.
* Last Elixir :It appeared in chapter 44 and chapter 45.
* Black vinegar tomato milk:It appeared in chapter 74.
* School festival limited merchandise: Water of Life:It appeared in chapter 81.
*Ore no Otoko-Jiru:It appeared in chapter 88.
* Pepper-Mango:It appeared in chapter 107.
* Milk Cola:It appeared in chapter 127.
* Salt Water:It appeared in chapter 178.

Unknown drinks

In some panels, the words are too small to read, these appeared in chapter 8, 28.

Unfortunately sold out drinks

* Tomato milk:In chapter 54, Nodoka coming back with 3 drinks saying the Tomato milk Yue wanted could not be found.

oda Machine drinks

These are drinks from a soda machine that appeared in chapter 127.
* Milk Tomato (box)
* 7 taste cola (七味コーラprobably a reference to assorted chili pepper powder) (box)
* Tomato soda (can)

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