List of education articles by country

List of education articles by country

This is a list of articles on education organized by country:


*Education in Afghanistan
*Education in Albania
*Education in Algeria
*Education in Angola
*Education in Argentina
*Education in Armenia
*Education in Australia
*Education in Austria
*Education in Azerbaijan


*Education in Bahrain
*Education in Bangladesh
** Higher Education in Bangladesh
*Education in Barbados
*Education in Belarus
*Education in Belgium
*Education in Bhutan
*Education in Bolivia
*Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina
*Education in Botswana
*Education in Brazil
*Education in Bulgaria
*Education in Burkina Faso
*Education in Burma


*Education in Cambodia
*Education in Cameroon
*Education in Canada
**Education in Alberta
**Education in British Columbia
**Education in Manitoba
**Education in New Brunswick
**Education in Newfoundland and Labrador
**Education in Northwest Territories
**Education in Nova Scotia
**Education in Nunavut
**Education in Ontario
**Education in Prince Edward Island
**Education in Saskatchewan
**Education in Québec
**Education in Yukon
*Education in Chad
*Education in Chile
*Education in China
**Education in the People's Republic of China(mainland China)
**Education in Hong Kong
**Education in Macau
**Education in Taiwan
*Education in Colombia
*Education in Comoros
*Education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
*Education in the Republic of the Congo
*Education in the Cook Islands
*Education in Costa Rica
*Education in Côte d'Ivoire
*Education in Croatia
*Education in Cuba
*Education in Czechoslovakia ("historical")


*Education in Denmark
*Education in Dominican Republic


*Education in Egypt
*Education in El Salvador
*Education in Eritrea
*Education in Estonia


*Education in Fiji
*Education in Finland
*Education in France


*Education in Gabon
*Education in the Gambia
*Education in Germany
**Education in East Germany ("historical")
*Education in Ghana
*Education in Greece
*Education in Guyana


*Education in Hungary
*Education in Hong Kong


*Education in Iceland
*Education in India
*Education in Indonesia
*Education in Iran
*Education in Iraq
*Education in Ireland
*Education in Israel
**İslamic education
*Education in Italy


*Education in Japan
* Education in Jamaica
*Education in Jordan


*Education in Kazakhstan
*Education in Kenya
*Education in Korea ("disambiguation")
**Education in North Korea
**Education in South Korea
*Education in Kosovo
*Education in Kuwait
*Education in Kyrgyzstan


*Education in Laos
*Education in Lebanon
*Education in Liberia
*Education in Libya
*Education in Liechtenstein (information on secondary education)
*Education in Lithuania


*Education in Madagascar
*Education in Malaysia
*Education in the Maldives
*Education in Mali
*Education in Mauritania
*Education in Mauritius
*Education in Mexico
*Education in Moldova
*Education in Mongolia
*Education in Montenegro
*Education in Morocco
*Education in Mozambique


*Education in Nepal
*Education in the Netherlands
*Education in New Zealand
*Education in Nicaragua
*Education in Niger
*Education in Nigeria
*Education in Norway


*Education in Oman


*Education in Pakistan
*Education in Palestine
*Education in Papau New Guinea
*Education in Paraguay
*Education in Peru
*Education in the Philippines
*Education in Poland
**Underground Education in Poland During World War II ("historical")
**Education in the People's Republic of Poland ("historical")
*Education in Portugal
*Education in Panama


*Education in Qatar


*Education in Romania
*Education in Russia
*Education in Rwanda

*Education in the Soviet Union ("historical")
*Education in Saudi Arabia
*Education in Scotland
*Education in Senegal
*Education in Serbia
*Education in Seychelles
*Education in Singapore
*Education in Slovakia
*Education in Slovenia
*Education in Somalia
*Education in South Africa
*Education in Spain
**Education in Catalonia
*Education in Sri Lanka
*Education in Sudan
*Education in Suriname
*Education in Sweden
*Education in Switzerland
*Education in Syria


*Education in the Republic of China (Taiwan)
*Education in Tajikistan
*Education in Tanzania
*Education in Thailand
*Education in Turkey
*Education in Turkmenistan


*Education in Uganda
*Education in Ukraine
*Education in the United Arab Emirates
*Education in the United Kingdom
**Education in England
**Education in Northern Ireland
**Education in Scotland
**Education in Wales
*Education in the United States
**Education in Puerto Rico
*Education in Uganda
*Education in Uzbekistan


*Education in Venezuela
*Education in Vietnam


*Education in Yemen


*Education in Zambia
*Education in Zimbabwe

ee also

* List of basic education topics
* Compulsory education

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