The Drawn Together Clip Show

The Drawn Together Clip Show

Infobox Television episode
Title=The Drawn Together Clip Show
Series=Drawn Together
Airdate= March 15, 2006
Writer= Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein

Caption = The producer hosts the clip show.
Director= Dwayne Carey-Hill
Production = 214
Guests = Chris Edgerly
Prev=Alzheimer's That Ends Well
Next=Freaks & Greeks

"The Drawn Together Clip Show" is the twenty-second episode of the animated series "Drawn Together".


The Jew Producer gathers the cast together in front of a live audience to highlight the best of the past two seasons of "Drawn Together" in clip show form. He also repeatedly mentions that at the end of the episode, it will be revealed who has won the show's grand prize.

Musical number: None unique to this episode; however, several songs from previous episodes are featured. "Board of Education" is reprised from "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education", and several other songs are featured in a montage of music from the series. (see Montages below)

Viewer's Choice Awards

In a parody of numerous award shows, several clips throughout the episode are accompanied by captions proclaiming them to be viewer favorites. The "awards" are completely fictitious, however; none of the clips were actually chosen by viewers.

* Most Romantic Moment: Xandir and Tim's date at the lake in "Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree".

* Most Reality TV Moment: The Mexican standoff in "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist".

* Most Phone Moment (aka Best Scene Where the Writers Were Obviously Stoned): The housemates as Yip Yips in "Little Orphan Hero".

* Best Ad-Lib: Foxxy masturbating in "Clum Babies".

* 2nd Best Childhood Callback: The Board of Education song in "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education".

* Best Dramatic Music Sting Scene: Wooldoor announcing Foxxy has a tumor in "Terms of Endearment".

* Best Clip Show: This episode.

* Best Hiding Place: Clara and Xandir interrogating Wooldoor in "Gay Bash".

* Most Creepy Moment: Toot seducing Clara in "A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special".


* Opening credits - Hero training for the Olympics, a generic shot of the house, Clara's character introduction, Toot's character introduction, Wooldoor's character introduction, Spanky bidding goodbye to his feces, Ling-Ling murdering his best friend, the strange fetus that resulted from one crazy Yom Kippur, birds swarming the housemates, the Monkey Man, the Englishman in a smoking jacket, Hero crying in the shower, the housemates as anime characters, Foxxy's live action teeth, another generic shot of the house, and Toot doing the truffle shuffle.

* Romance - Hero massaging Wooldoor, the Sockbats Gone Wild video, Hero chloroforming Xandir, Toot going gaga over Xandir's rear end, Bleh taking her bikini top off, Scorpion ripping Xandir's head off, a tearful Hero stripping, Clara in her exotic dancing costume, Toot showing Xandir her breasts, Foxxy teasing Hero with a sandwich, Spanky smelling his own underwear, Ling-Ling smelling a used schoolgirl's underwear, a train going into a tunnel, Xandir hugging Wooldoor, Hero being whipped by Foxxy, the King putting money in Xandir's thong, UFG wrapping herself around Hero, Wooldoor fondling a penis through a glory hole, Hero French kissing his sex robot, Foxxy French kissing Clara in the hot tub, Clara kissing Spanky, Toot French kissing Xandir, Spanky trying to get aroused, Jesus vomiting after seeing Toot and Xandir have sex, Spanky getting an erection seeing Clara crying, Hero examining UFG's tattoos, the naked couple from Foxxy's sex ed lesson, Hero photographing a tied-up, honey-covered Foxxy, the two bachelors making out in the back of the limo, an underwear flap coming down to expose a very hairy rear end, a gerbil climbing out of Xandir's anus, the penis tower falling, and Xandir and Tim's date at the lake.

* Toot as the fat, angry bitch - showing Xandir her scary breasts, being told by Wooldoor that nobody likes fat chicks, adopting her bitch persona, pushing Clara down the stairs, smashing a liquor bottle against the wall, threatening Wooldoor, stabbing her leg and then the table, threatening Spanky, looking exhausted after finishing the Charleston, encircling her baby in a ring of fire, cutting herself with a razor blade, cutting herself with a razor blade again, cutting herself with an electric razor, eating Wooldoor, eating an island virgin, eating Strawberry Sweetcake, eating a cell phone, eating a shark, drinking with her baby, threatening Wooldoor again, threatening to take an axe to the cameras, having her head ripped off by Captain Hero, trying to pass Wooldoor after eating him, and coming home drunk.

* Racism/satire - Clara assuming Foxxy is a servant, Ling-Ling proclaiming "unnecessary racism so sad", Josie declaring that a Wolfman is actually a nearsighted Armenian woman, Clara explaining how she thought black people picked banjos, not fights, Jewish stereotype Mr. Goldberg threatening to sue, an Indian stereotype in the erasement camp, a Chinese stereotype in the erasement camp, Spanky proclaiming that he loves racism, Captain Hero stating that he doesn't speak Blackanese, Foxxy complaining about the theft of her Funyuns, Clara telling the Orthodox Jew to stay away from the well, minstrel Foxxy becoming excited at the mentioning of craps, Paco the janitor being told to go to college, Speedy Gonzales declaring that he likes "the black one" (Foxxy), Foxxy becoming excited at the prospect of buying lots of lottery tickets, Spanky patting Ling-Ling on the head and saying "good Oriental", Ling-Ling's eye exam, minstrel Foxxy being arrested, Foxxy suggesting a shoeshine business, Ling-Ling committing seppuku, Clara handing Foxxy a banana, Foxxy injecting herself with a syringe, Ling-Ling's eye exam again, the Chinese man with a small cup of tea, more Indian stereotypes in the erasement camp, Clara having her eyes slanted so she can see as Asians do, black stereotypes in the erasement camp, Ling-Ling in his Chinese food pet carrier, Foxxy being captured by the Board of Education, and minstrel Foxxy dancing.

* Wooldoor's wackiness - humping the toaster, going to the clock tower, doing a celebration dance, showing off his fake breasts, getting rocks thrown at him, attacking Strawberry Sweetcake, wearing pantyhose, being seized by Clara's Octopussoir, gutting a trucker, exploding after eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda, playing with his fake breasts in the rain, dancing for Captain Hero, jumping through the wall, jumping into the door, hiding Live Action Cow in the closet, getting strangled by Captain Hero after asking to be his sidekick, entering the house covered in blood, getting smacked by Clara, getting shaken down by mall security after stealing candy, getting smacked by Hero, being punished by Spanky for not getting rid of his polio fast enough, trapped inside Clara's vagina, being confronted by Spanky while trying to take the last surviving chipmunk to Clara, with his eyes on fire, having objects pulled out of his rear end by Xandir, being strangled by Spanky until his head explodes, being injected with polio, getting kidnapped by Foxxy and Spanky, having a bad drug trip, as a pilot, as the Professor, the strange fetus that resulted from one crazy Yom Kippur, and diagnosing Foxxy with a brain tumor.

* Music - "Black Chick's Tongue", "Ling-Ling Lament", "Bully Song", "La La Labia", "God Is Watching", and "Crashy Smashy Die Die Die". (Note: The director listed on each of these clips is the actual director of the episode in which the song appeared.)

"Fun Facts"

Throughout the episode, notes designated as "DT Fun Facts" pop up on the screen in a parody of "Pop-up Video". The Fun Facts presented, however, are jokes rather than actual trivia tidbits (though a couple do contain sly references).

* "Drawn Together" is seen in over fifty thousand countries by over 500 billion viewers.

* "Drawn Together" is the only show gayer than "Six Feet Under".

* The character of Toot is based on your mother.

* Foxxy Love has more protuberant nipples in the second season.
** This one is true, and refers to how the character's artwork was changed in the second season to where her nipples are always sticking out.

* Comedy Central thought they were buying a reality show.
** Though the network obviously didn't expect "Drawn Together" to be a real reality show, they did expect that the series would basically play like an animated version of "The Real World", and made a concerted effort to promote it as such. According to creators Jeser and Silverstein, "This is not the show Comedy Central bought. They really thought it would be a straight-on parody of "The Real World". They didn't want to play up the cartoon element that much." []

* Wooldoor Sockbat was the name of Hitler's dog.

* The DTs are something alcoholics get, just like this show.

* Originally, James Earl Jones voiced Ling-Ling.

* Wooldoor was born in Puerto Rico.
** This one is technically possible, since Wooldoor's specific place of birth has never been revealed; however, this is certainly just a gag.

* "Drawn Together" is actually better than you think.

* Most DT fun facts aren't really that fun.

Fake airdates

Several of the clips played during this episode include captions containing the title of the episode each clip comes from, as well as giving an original airdate for the episode. The airdates given are not the episodes' actual airdates (all but two take place before "Drawn Together" even premiered), but they do give insights into the real events the clips parody.

* Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree
** Clip: Xandir and Tim's date at the lake.
** Actual episode airdate: February 15, 2006
** Airdate given: December 1, 2005
** Real life event: The Constitutional Court of South Africa legalized same-sex marriage.

* The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist
** Clip: The Mexican standoff
** Actual episode airdate: December 11, 2004
** Airdate given: January 6, 2005
** Real life event: The Mississippi civil rights worker murders
** Note: The caption giving the date appears only in the DVD version.

* Foxxy vs. the Board of Education
** Clip: Foxxy is captured by the Board of Education.
** Actual episode airdate: October 26, 2005
** Airdate given: May 17, 1954
** Real life event: Brown v. Board of Education was decided.

* Little Orphan Hero
** Clip: Captain Hero is gang raped at a keg party.
** Actual episode airdate: November 2, 2005
** Airdate given: March 6, 1983
** Real life event: The rape of Cheryl Araujo.

* Little Orphan Hero
** Clip: The housemates gather around a ringing phone and imitate the Yip Yips.
** Actual episode airdate: November 2, 2005
** Airdate given: November 5, 1955
** Real life event: None in this instance; the date is a reference to the "Back to the Future" trilogy.

* Gay Bash
** Clip: Clara and Xandir interrogate Wooldoor.
** Actual episode airdate: November 10, 2004
** Airdate given: October 6, 1998
** Real life event: Gay man Matthew Shepard was beaten to death.
** Note: In the DVD version of the episode, the date is changed to October 10, 1976.

* Clum Babies
** Clip: Bob the Cucumber goes on a shooting spree.
** Actual episode airdate: November 16, 2005
** Airdate given: April 20, 1999
** Real life event: The Columbine High School massacre.
** Note: Another clip from the episode, the clip of Foxxy masturbating, is given the same airdate. This is contrast to the two "Little Orphan Hero" clips, which were given different airdates.

* Captain Girl
** Clip: Clara reprimands a drunken Toot for neglecting her duties as a mother.
** Actual episode airdate: February 1, 2006
** Airdate given: June 20, 2001
** Real life event: Andrea Yates killed her five children.

* Terms of Endearment
** Clip: Wooldoor diagnoses Foxxy with a brain tumor.
** Actual episode airdate: January 25, 2006
** Airdate given: October 11, 2004
** Real life event: Christopher Reeve died. (This actually happened on October 10, but October 11 is the date the event was announced to the public.)

* A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special
** Clip: Toot seduces Clara during the roleplaying exercise.
** Actual episode airdate: March 1, 2006
** Aridate given: April 30, 2001
** Real life event: Unknown.
** Note: The caption giving the date appears only during the end credits.

Notes and inside references

* The idea of a "grand prize" that is mentioned as being a part of this episode has been mentioned in "Hot Tub" and "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist", though in both of those cases, the prize turned out to be nonexistent. It turns out to be nonexistent in this case also, as at the end, the Jew Producer proclaims the viewer to be the winner of "Drawn Together" (much to the disgust of the studio audience).
** During this scene, both creators, Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein, can be heard heckling the show; Silverstein says, "That sucked!", while Jeser says "We hate you" and "I hope you get cancelled".

* The large photograph of decayed, rotten teeth that can be seen behind the assembled housemates is the same photo that was used as Foxxy's "live action teeth" in "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist" and "A Tale of Two Cows".

* At one point, the Jew Producer pauses to pay tribute to all the Koreans who died animating the show. In real life, much of the animation for "Drawn Together" is, in fact, done in Korea. The creators have often joked in interviews and commentaries about the poor Korean children being forced to animate the program (as in a sweatshop).

* The list of Koreans said to have died animating the show comprises largely people named Park and Kim (or both), two of the most common Korean names. Also included in the list are Charlie Chan, Lucy Lui, Bruce Lee-Park, Tyne Daly-Park, George Clooney-Kim, Brendon Lee-Park, Charlie Chan Jr., Captain Krunch Park, Pat Moriata, Ralph Machio, Candlestick Park, Oscar Madison, and Fonzy. The clip of an Asian man urinating that plays in the background while the list scrolls by was originally used in "Super Nanny".

* Clara, Hero, and Toot all appear twice in the "Let's meet this year's cast" montage, while Foxxy and Wooldoor do not appear at all.

* Captain Hero calls The Jew Producer Habibi, which is the Arabic word for "my beloved."

* The audience comprises characters from past "Drawn Together" episodes, including Foxxy's bandmates, Captain Hero's parents, several Sockbats, the retarded versions of the "Drawn Together" cast, Strawberry Sweetcake, Xandir's girlfriend, several island natives, Steve from Long Island, Ni-Pul, several of Clara's bachelors, blue Barney, Clara's father the King, Clara's Evil Stepmother, the giant Transformer, the Mad Libber, the poster men, Prince Charming, the Wolfman/nearsighted Armenian woman, Hans the six-armed child molester, the Child Services woman, Larry the Tomato, Fat Albert in a blue shirt, Lord Slashstab, the frat guys who raped Captain Hero, the old man Wooldoor carjacked (and his grandchildren), Wooldoor's nurse, and many others.
** Though the seating arrangements of the characters remain fairly consistent throughout the episode, some of the characters do move around a bit. For instance, when we first see Xandir's girlfriend, she is seated to the left of Captain Hero's parents, but moments later, she is on their right.
** Except for Bleh, the retarded versions of the housemates make their television debuts in this episode. They appear in the DVD version of "The Other Cousin", but were cut out of the televised version.
** Many of the characters in the audience are characters who were previously killed, disfigured, arrested, or otherwise should have been rendered unable to attend the show, seemingly indicating that guest characters in this universe display the same immunity to death and continuity that the housemates do. However, the point is moot given that this entire episode is done tongue-in-cheek anyway.

* The orange smoke that appears throughout the episode is the same smoke that appears at the beginning of the "Ling-Ling Battle Song" sequence from the first season.

* At one point, the Jew Producer refers to Toot as "Fatty Fat Fat Fat", the same thing he called her in "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist".

* In this episode, Captain Hero and Tim Tommerson appear as two different people. This would seem to contradict the episode "Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree", which revealed them to be the same person. However, given the tongue-in-cheek nature of this entire episode, none of the events that transpire here should be taken seriously.

* During the racism montage, a clip is shown of Clara handing Foxxy a banana. This clip did not actually appear in any episode; it is an outtake from "Ghostesses in the Slot Machine". According to Executive Producer Bill Freiberger, "...there is a scene where Foxxy is mad at Clara because Clara expects Foxxy to live in a tree. In the original version, Clara tries to apologize to Foxxy by giving her a banana. Foxxy calls her racist and attacks her. When it airs, the banana part is gone because we thought it was gratuitously racist without being particularly satirical." []

* An extended version of the "Foxxy has a tumor" scene from "Terms of Endearment" is shown. The original airing was considerably shorter, interrupted by a commercial. However, the scene appears in its entirety in the DVD version of "Terms of Endearment".
** The shooting spree scene from "Clum Babies" is shortened, eliminating the part where Bob explains to Wooldoor that he saved everyone from going to hell, and is then cured of his psychosis by Wooldoor's clum baby.

* When Wooldoor is told that millions of people have been watching him on television the past two years, he panics because he is supposed to be in the Witness Protection Program, and jumps out the window. When he reappears on the set, he is dressed as what appears to be "Weird Al" Yankovic. Each time he is shown thereafter, his costume changes. Next he is a pirate (as he appeared in "Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree"), then a scuba diver, then a cowboy (as he appeared in "Captain Girl"), and finally a pilot (as he appeared in "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist").
** When the cast is shown right before the Wooldoor montage plays, he can be seen sitting back on the stage clapping with the rest of the cast minus Foxxy (even though he just jumped out of a window). After the montage ends, he is still sitting there. Then, when the Producer resumes talking and the camera pans back to the cast, both Wooldoor and Foxxy are absent.

* The Jew Producer says at the very end, "See you in October", referring to the third season premiere.

Cultural references

* This episode marks another case of "Drawn Together" mocking a television convention, the clip show. This particular show also mocks award shows and reunion shows, in particular the finale of multiple seasons of "Survivor", which bring the entire cast back after the show is over to reveal the name of the winner in front of a live studio audience.
* At one point, there is a shot where the screen is divided into nine boxes arranged in a 3x3 grid, with a different housemate in each perimeter box and the Monkey Man in the center, mimicking the way the cast appeared in the credits of "The Brady Bunch".

* When the Jew Producer opens fire on the audience, the Wilhelm scream makes yet another appearance.

* Throughout the clip montages, a laugh track is heard constantly. This is mocking the overuse of laugh tracks in sitcoms, particularly older ones.

* During one scene, Hero calls Tim Tommerson to the stage, then makes out with him while taunting Xandir, after which Foxxy flashes from the audience while the crowd chants "Jew-y!". This entire segment mocks "The Jerry Springer Show". In this instance, the crowd shouts "Jew-y!" (referring to the Jew Producer) in the same manner that the crowd on "Jerry Springer" always shouts "Jerry!".

* Foxxy claims she's going to South Africa, similar to how Dave Chappelle went there after he halted production on the third season of "Chappelle's Show". This also refers to Jerri Manthey who walked off the set during the live "" reunion show after the audience booed her.
** When she reappears on the set, she is in shackles, suggesting that the producers brought her back from Africa in the manner of a captured slave.

*The Jew producer announces that the winner of Drawn Together is "You, the viewer". It is a parody of Time magazine, which announced "You" as the 2006 Person of the Year.

* The Jew Producer signs off with the phrase, "And may God Bless!", which was the signoff Red Skelton always used in his radio and television broadcasts.

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