Sea grant colleges

Sea grant colleges

The sea grant colleges are a group of 30 U.S. universities that are involved in the National Sea Grant College Program. Members of the program are involved in scientific research, education, training, and extension projects geared toward the conservation and practical use of U.S. coasts, the Great Lakes and other marine areas. The program was instituted in 1966 when the U.S. Congress passed the National Sea Grant College Program Act; it is administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Sea grant colleges are not to be confused with land-grant colleges (a program instituted in 1862), space-grant colleges (instituted in 1988) or sun-grant colleges (instituted in 2003).

Participating institutions

A map showing the locations of and links to the institutions involved with the program is available from the NOAA [ here] .

Pacific Region

* Oregon State University
* University of Washington
* University of California, San Diego
* University of Southern California
* University of Alaska Fairbanks
* University of Hawaii at Manoa

outheastern Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Region

* Gulf of Mexico Sub-region
** Texas A&M University
** Louisiana State University
** Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium
*** Auburn University
*** Dauphin Island Sea Lab
*** Jackson State University
*** Mississippi State University
*** University of Alabama
*** University of Alabama at Birmingham
*** University of Mississippi
**** National Sea Grant Law Center
**** Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program
*** University of Southern Mississippi
*** University of South Alabama
* Southeast Sub-region
** [ University of Florida]
** University of Georgia
** University of Puerto Rico
** South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
*** Clemson University
*** South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
*** Medical University of South Carolina
*** The Citadel
*** College of Charleston
*** South Carolina State University
*** Coastal Carolina University
*** University of South Carolina

Mid-Atlantic Region

* University of North Carolina System
** East Carolina University
** University of North Carolina, Wilmington
** North Carolina State University
* Virginia Graduate Marine Science Consortium
** University of Virginia
** Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
** Old Dominion University
** Virginia Institute of Marine Science
* University of Maryland, College Park
* University of Delaware
* New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium
** Aquatic Invasions Research Directory
** Atlantic Cape Community College
** American Littoral Society
** Brookdale Community College
** Burlington County College
** County College of Morris
** Cumberland County College
** Fairleigh Dickinson University
** Georgian Court University
** Kean University
** Marine Academy of Science and Technology
** Middlesex County College
** Monmouth University
** Montclair State University
** New Jersey City University
** New Jersey Institute of Technology
** Princeton University
** Ramapo College of New Jersey
** Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
** Rider University
** Rowan University
** Rutgers University
** Saint Peter's College, New Jersey
** Seton Hall University
** Stevens Institute of Technology
** The College of New Jersey
** Union County College
** University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Northeast Region

* New York Sea Grant (also participates in the Great Lakes Region)
** State University of New York at Stony Brook
** Cornell University
* University of Connecticut at Avery Point
* University of Rhode Island
* Massachusetts Institute of Technology
* Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
* University of Vermont (also participates in the Great Lakes Region)
* University of New Hampshire
* University of Maine

Great Lakes Region

* Pennsylvania State University
* The Ohio State University
* Michigan Sea Grant
** Michigan State University
** University of Michigan
* Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program
** University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
** Purdue University
* University of Wisconsin-Madison
* University of Minnesota

ee also

* Land Grant Colleges
* Space Grant Colleges
* Sun Grant Colleges

External links

* [ NOAA National Sea Grant Office]
* [ National Sea Grant Law Center]
* [ Florida Sea Grant]

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