List of gymnastics flips

List of gymnastics flips

This is a list of gymnastics flips. Gymnastics flips are acrobatic moves in which a person executes a complete rotation of the body while in mid air, with hips passing over the head, without touching the floor.


Three body positions are commonly employed in flips:

*Pike - bent at the hips, with knees straight and legs together.

*Straddle - knees straight, with legs in a split.

*Layout - body fully extended with legs together and unbent hips and knees.

Many flips are descriptively named, based on the direction of rotation and the body position that is assumed during execution. For example, a front flip performed in a tucked position is called a "front tuck". Other flips have non-descriptive names because the complexity of their movements precludes practical descriptive naming, or as a result of nomenclatures that have emerged in specific activities, such as tricking.

List of flips

*Aerial Performed with legs extended and separated, aligned on the rotational plane. In a front aerial the body rotates in the forward direction, whereas rotation is sideways in a side aerial.

*Arabian A 180 degree Front Flip in which the twist starts before the flip.

*Back flip A generic term encompassing a variety of moves in which the body executes a full backwards revolution while in mid air.

*Back Full Twist A Back Flip with a 360 degree twist.

*Back Half Twist A Back Flip with a 180 degree twist.

*Back Whip This is similar to a Back Layout except that the legs are rapidly "whipped" over the body, whereas legs move in a smooth, fluid motion in a layout.

*Barrel Roll Like a side flip except tucked and the head stays horizontal. Basically it is a butterfly twist mixed with a side flip.

*Butterfly Twist, also know as "B Twist".

*Corkscrew This is a 540 degree horizontal twist in mid air. It is similar to a B Twist but the performer swings through with one leg and jumps off the other leg in order to achieve an extra 180 degrees of twist.

*Dead out A back flip immediately followed by a front flip.

*Double Leg Similar to a Side Flip except the back is completely parallel to the ground throughout the move.

*Single Leg (540) Similar to a Double Leg. After jumping, one leg is kept extended while the other is bent at the knee.

*Super Double Leg A Double Leg with a 360 Twist before the Somersault.

*Flash Kick This is a back flip in which the performer kicks while rotating.

*Front Flip A generic term encompassing a variety of moves in which the body executes a full forward revolution while in mid air.

*Front Half Twist A front flip with a 180 degree twist. The Front Flip starts first, immediately followed by a 180 degree spin (also known as a Barani).

*Gainer A back flip in which one lands forward of the starting point.

*Gaizer Begins as a gainer, but then the performer turns and barrel rolls while facing opposite the direction of travel.

*Loser A Webster performed while running backwards so that the move ends at a point behind the starting point. A Cheat Loser is similar to a Loser, but performed as a Cheat Webster.

*Side Flip A sideways flip in which the legs are tucked. Unlike a Double Leg, the back is not parallel to the ground.

*Step Out A generic term for any front or back flip in which one foot is placed in front of the starting position.

*Wall Flip A flip done off a wall. There are numerous ways to jump off the wall, such as two steps, three steps, using one or both legs, and facing backwards instead of forwards. There is no standard naming system for types of Wall Flips.

*Webster A Front Flip done from a Step Out in which the performer first lands on the kicking leg and then the jumping leg. A Cheat Webster is a Webster in which the performer simultaneously lands on both legs.

*X-Out A Back Flip done with the legs straddling in mid air. The arms can also straddle along with the legs to emphasize the formation of an "X".

*X-In A front flip while kicking both legs out in the air, mirroring the X-Out.

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