Supporting hyperplane

Supporting hyperplane

Supporting hyperplane is a concept in geometry. A hyperplane divides a space into two half-spaces. A hyperplane is said to support a set S in Euclidean space mathbb R^n if it meets both of the following:
* S is entirely contained in one of the two closed half-spaces determined by the hyperplane
* S has at least one point on the hyperplaneHere, a closed half-space is the half-space that includes the hyperplane.

upporting hyperplane theorem

This theorem states that if S is a closed convex set in Euclidean space mathbb R^n, and x is a point on the boundary of S, then there exists a supporting hyperplane containing x.

The hyperplane in the theorem may not be unique, as noticed in the second picture on the right. If the closed set S is not convex, the statement of the theorem is not true at all points on the boundary of S, as illustrated in the third picture on the right.

A related result is the separating hyperplane theorem.


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