El Dorado (disambiguation)

El Dorado (disambiguation)

El Dorado is a mythical City of Gold.

El Dorado or Eldorado may also refer to:


In Argentina:
*Eldorado, Misiones
*Eldorado DepartmentIn Australia:
*Eldorado, VictoriaIn Brazil:
*Eldorado, São PauloIn Mexico:
*El Dorado, SinaloaIn Peru:
*El Dorado Province, San Martín RegionIn the United States:
*El Dorado, Arkansas
*El Dorado, California
*El Dorado, Kansas
*El Dorado County, California
*El Dorado Springs, Missouri
*Eldorado, Illinois
*Eldorado, Maryland
*Eldorado, Ohio
*Eldorado, Oklahoma
*Eldorado, Texas
*Eldorado, Wisconsin
*Eldorado at Santa Fe, New Mexico
*Eldorado Canyon State Park
*Eldorado Township, MinnesotaIn Venezuela
*El Dorado, Venezuela

Literature, art and television

* "Eldorado" (film), a 2008 film directed by Bouli Lanners, Belgium
* "El Dorado" (film), a 1967 film directed by Howard Hawks
* El Dorado (superhero), a fictional superhero in "Super Friends"
* "El Dorado" (novel), part of the "The Scarlet Pimpernel" series by Baroness Orczy
* "Eldorado" (poem), a poem by Edgar Allan Poe
* "Eldorado" (TV series), a BBC soap opera
* Elderado Dingbatti, a character from the "Coping With..." series of books by Peter Corey
* "The Road to El Dorado", an 2000 animated comedy film by DreamWorks SKG.
* "Eldorado" (TV series), a Nigerian soap opera


* "Eldorado" (Electric Light Orchestra album) (1974)
**"Eldorado" (song), the title track from the album
* "Eldorado" (EP) (1989), by Neil Young and The Restless
* "Eldorado" (2007), Stephan Eicher album
* " Eldorado" (1992), the 12th track on the album "Fully Completely", by The Tragically Hip
* "El Dorado" (1994), an album by the Colombian rock band Aterciopelados
* "El Dorado" (1997), a music soundtrack of Ace Combat 2
* " El Dorado" (1991), a composition by American composer John Coolidge Adams
* "El Dorado" (2008), an album of guitar instrumentals by former Chris Isaak guitarist James Wilsey
* Eldorado (the song) (2008) by An Pierlé et Koen Gisen
* eldorado (band), a Canadian group featuring Angela Fama, Nenad Jelicic, Julie Bavalis, Michael Flunkert and Frank Nichols
** eldorado (album, 2004), their first, self-titled album
* EL.DO.RA.DO, a song by the Japanese heavy-metal band Seikima-II


*Cadillac Eldorado, an automobile
*Cray XMT, supercomputer codenamed "Eldorado"
*El Dorado (football), a period of Colombian football
*El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia
*El Dorado Rum, a brand of Guyana rum
*El Dorado Wrestling, a Japanese wrestling promotion
*Eldorado Casino, a casino in Henderson, Nevada
*Eldorado High School (Albuquerque) of Albuquerque, New Mexico
*Eldorado Mine in Port Radium, Northwest Territories, Canada
*The Eldorado, a co-op apartment building in New York City
*El Dorado(roller coaster), one of the tallest KNEX coasters in the world
*Eldorado (casino), a casino chain in Estonia

ee also

*Helldorado, a reference to Tombstone, Arizona
*El Carnero,what inspired El Dorado.
*Akator,a legend about a crystal skull.

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