Phat pants

Phat pants

Phat pants or phatties are a cut of jeans worn by ravers that are fitted at the waist but get wider down the legs all the way to the ground where they enclose the feet due to their width. Phat pants are usually worn by ravers and can be used as a visual identifier. Usually made of denim, but can be made of any material. Ravers will often customise their phat pants by covering them with reflective materials of their own design, the brighter the better. This can help with recognition at raves.

Phat pants are often worn with braces that are not designed to be worn over the shoulders. They are quite often too short to do this anyway. They hang loosely on the pants from carabiners at the waist, and are usually brightly coloured webbing with a reflective strip sewn down the middle. Usually, the binding ring at the back is a heavy metal, which helps the braces to swing out in an arc around the dancer when spinning.Fact|date=April 2007


Phat pants were worn by ravers in the early to mid '90s and can still be seen in the early to mid '00s and later. While popular in Melbourne and around Australia, in most portions of North America, however, the reign of the phatties has passed and they are steadily becoming less prominent in the rave scene. Fact|date=April 2007


Phat pants come in many forms and designs, ready made or can be made to specific requirements of the raver. The mesurement usually needed is that from the waist to the floor so that the bottom of the pants only just touch the ground, this is need to make sure the pants stay in a hanging circular shape to conceal the feet.Fact|date=April 2007

Phat pants are frequently adorned with a multitude of large pockets giving ravers a place to hold their water bottles, sweets, and whatever else may be necessary to get them through a weekend of raving.Fact|date=April 2007

Not to be confused with

;Baggies :Because of the name "phat pants" some people who are not involved in the rave scene mistakenly confuse phat pants with baggy pants. Baggy jeans or "baggies" are a specific type of cut with wide legs, the same width all the way down the leg. They are closely related to loose fit and are sometimes incorrectly labelled as such. ;Flares :Flares are another cut of jeans involving wider legs. The distinguishing feature of flares is that they are a normal fit from the hips to the knees and then widen out from the knees down to the feet.

;Hammer Pants:Hammer Pants are sometimes confused with Phat Pants, but are actually very different cut. Whilst Phat Pants usually have a fairly high groin and taper out from the waist. Hammer Pants had a very low sitting groin and very wide hips, whilst tapering in towards the ankles.

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