Carmarthen by-election, 1966

Carmarthen by-election, 1966

The Carmarthen by-election, was held in Carmarthen, Wales on 14 July 1966. The contest was significant in that it resulted in the election of Gwynfor Evans, the first ever Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament. Plaid Cymru's victory in the Carmarthen constituency, a seminal moment for Welsh nationalism, followed, and formed part of, a wider process toward Welsh devolution including the establishment of the Welsh Office in 1964.

The election was caused by the death of Labour Party Member of Parliament Megan Lloyd George.

Gwynfor Evans' surprise win is credited with laying the foundations for Winnie Ewing's victory for the Scottish National Party at the Hamilton by-election, 1967, an event of equal significance for Scottish nationalism.

Election box candidate with party link
party = Plaid Cymru
candidate = Gwynfor Evans
votes = 16,179
percentage = 38.98
change =
Election box candidate with party link
party = Labour Party (UK)
candidate = Gwilym Davies
votes = 13,743
percentage = 33.11
change =
Election box candidate with party link
party = Liberal Party (UK)
candidate = Hywel Davies
votes = 8,650
percentage = 20.84
change =
Election box candidate with party link
party = Conservative Party (UK)
candidate = Simon Day
votes = 2,934
percentage = 7.09
change =
Election box majority
votes = 2,436
percentage = 5.87
change =
Election box turnout
votes =
percentage =
change =
Election box gain with party link
winner = Plaid Cymru
loser = Labour Party (UK)
swing =

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