Richard Salsman

Richard Salsman

Richard M. Salsman is an American economist and lecturer. His work incorporates Objectivist philosophy and Austrian economics. He is most known for his support of the gold standard and free banking and his opposition to central banking. [] .


* 2000–present: InterMarket Forecasting, Inc. (Chapel Hill, NC): founder, president, chief market strategist.
* 1993–2000: H.C. Wainwright Economics, Inc. (Boston, MA): senior vice president and senior economist.
* 1989–1992: Citibank (New York, NY): corporate finance and capital-markets analyst.
* 1984–1989: The Bank of New York (New York, NY): corporate lending officer.

Publications (books and chapters)

* 2005. “The False Profits of Antitrust”, chapter in "The Abolition of Antitrust", edited by Dr. Gary Hull (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers).
* 2004–2005. “The Cause and Consequences of the Great Depression” in "The Intellectual Activist", ISSN 0730-2355.:* “Part 1: What Made the Roaring ’20s Roar”, June, 2004, pp. 16–24.:* “Part 2: Hoover’s Progressive Assault on Business”, July, 2004, pp. 10–20.:* “Part 3: Roosevelt's Raw Deal”, August, 2004, pp. 9–20.:* “Part 4: Freedom and Prosperity”, January, 2005, pp. 14–23.
* 1996. “Using Market Prices to Guide Sector Rotation”, chapter in "Economic Analysis for Investment Professionals" (Charlottesville, VA: Association for Investment Management and Research).
* 1995. "Gold and Liberty" (Great Barrington, MA: American Institute for Economic Research).
* 1993. “Bankers as Scapegoats for Government-Created Banking Crises in U.S. History”, chapter in "The Crisis in America Banking", edited by Dr. Lawrence H. White (New York, NY: New York University Press, 1993).
* 1993. “‘Corporate Environmentalism’ and Other Suicidal Tendencies”, chapter in "Environmentalism: What Does It Mean for Business?", edited by Jaana Woiceshyn (Faculty of Management Lecture Series, The University of Calgary).
* 1993. “Banking without the ‘Too-Big-to-Fail’ Doctrine”, chapter in "Bankers and Regulators", edited by Hans Sennholz (Irvington-on Hudson, NY: Foundation for Economic Education).
* 1993. "The Collapse of Deposit Insurance—and the Case for Abolition" (Great Barrington, MA: American Institute for Economic Research).
* 1990. "Breaking the Banks: Central Banking Problems and Free Banking Solutions" (Great Barrington, MA: American Institute for Economic Research).


* 200x (expected) Duke University — Ph.D. (political science)
* 1988. Stern School of Business, New York University (NYU), MBA (economics)
* 1981. Bowdoin College, BA (law and economics)

Related People

* Frédéric Bastiat
* Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk
* Alan Greenspan
* Henry Hazlitt
* Carl Menger
* Ludwig von Mises
* Robert Mundell
* Ayn Rand
* George Reisman
* Jean-Baptiste Say
* Friedrich von Wieser

Related Concepts

* Objectivism (the philosophy of Ayn Rand)
* the Austrian School of economics
* Free banking
* the Gold standard

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