Infobox Television episode
Title = ZZZZZ
Series = The Outer Limits

Caption =
Season = 1
Episode = 18
Airdate = January 27, 1964
Production = 21
Writer = Meyer Dolinsky
Director = John Brahm
Photographer = Conrad Hall
Guests = Philip Abbott
Marsha Hunt
Joanna Frank
Episode list = List of "The Outer Limits" episodes
Prev = Don't Open Till Doomsday
Next = The Invisibles

"ZZZZZ" is an episode of the original "The Outer Limits" television show. It first aired on January 27, 1964, during the first season.


A queen bee takes on human form, and plans to mate with a human male.

Opening narration

:"Human life strives ceaselessly to perfect itself, to gain ascendancy. But what of the lower forms of life? Is it not possible that they, too, are conducting experiments and are at this moment on the threshold of deadly success?"


Ben Fields is an entomologist seeking a lab assistant. He is married to Francesca Fields. Regina, a giant mutant queen bee in human form is searching for a human mate to prolong her species' life span, gets the job.

Closing narration

:"When the yearning to gain ascendancy takes the form of a soulless, loveless struggle, the contest must end in unlovely defeat. For without love, drones can never be men, and men can only be drones."


* Philip Abbott – as Ben Fields
* Joanna Frank – as Regina
* Marsha Hunt – as Francesca Fields
* Booth Colman – as Doctor Warren
* [http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0253759/ John Elizalde] – as voice of Bees (uncredited)
* Robert Johnson – as voice of Mr. Lund (uncredited)

External links

* [http://www.davidjschow.com/limits/ol_episodes7.html Critical Guide To The Outer Limits: ZZZZZ]
* [http://membres.lycos.fr/tmcr/daystar/tol_s1/tol_eps18.shtml Detailed episode guide] by 'Monsieur Vincent'
* [http://www.scifi.com/outerlimits/episodes/classic/season1/18zzzzzz.html SciFi.com The Outer Limits]
* [http://www.scifilm.org/tv/outerlimits/outerlimits1-18.html The Outer Limits: "ZZZZZ"]
* [http://www.homevideos.com/outerlimits/ol18.htm Home videos.com: The Outer Limits: ZZZZZZ]

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