Four Nations Tournament (women's football)

Four Nations Tournament (women's football)

The Four Nations Tournament invitational women's football tournament is hosted by China every year since 2002.


*1998: United States 7, Norway 6, China 4, Sweden 0
*1999-2001: NOT HELD
*2002: Norway 6, Germany 4, United States 4, China 3
*2003: United States 6, China 5, Germany 2, Norway 2
*2004: United States 7, China 5, Sweden 4, Canada 0
*2005: China 6, Australia 6, Germany 6, Russia 0
*2006: United States 7, China 4, France 3, Norway 1
*2007: United States 5, China 4, Germany 3, England 2
*2008: United States 9, China 4, Canada 2, Finland 1

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