William A. Tiller

William A. Tiller

William A. Tiller, Ph.D. is professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. Tiller appears in the film "What the Bleep Do We Know!?." His seminal book is the 1997 "Science and Human Transformation", which postulates the existence of subtle energies, beyond the four fundamental forces, which act on the human consciousness.

Science and medicine

According to the byline of one of Tiller's articles, published in the May/June 1999 issue of "Science & Medicine": "Dr. William A. Tiller joined the Stanford University faculty as Professor of Physics in 1964 after nine years with Westinghouse Research Laboratory. He became Professor Emeritus in 1992 in order to devote himself to research in solid state physics and materials science as well as in his avocational field, psychoenergetics. He holds several patents, and he has written four books and more than 300 papers."

Pigasus Award Winner

The Randi Foundation identified Tiller in 1979 as "the scientist who had said the silliest thing" relating to parapsychology in the past year.

Psychoenergetics and subtle energies

Tiller claims to have discovered a new class of natural phenomena which he calls "subtle energies", which manifest themselves in the practices of healers and other practitioners of the paranormal. Tiller defines the term psychoenergetics as the study of these energies in relation to human consciousness. He sees a connection between nonphysical consciousness and the quantum phenomena. These findings are not accepted in the mainstream scientific community.

Tiller foundation

He is currently director of the Tiller Foundation, an organization devoted to his research in subtle energies and psychoenergetics, and a retailer of his books and merchandise.

Bibliography (incomplete)

* "Some Science Adventures with Real Magic" ()
* "Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics" (; companion DVD available)
* "Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness" ()
* "The Science of Crystallization: Macroscopic Phenomena and Defect Generation" ()
* "The Science of Crystallization: Microscopic Interfacial Phenomena" ()
* "Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Warfare - Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones: The Power of Digital Medicine" (foreword - )

cientific papers (incomplete listing)

* The effects of emotions on short-term power spectrum analysis of heart rate variability (McCraty R, Atkinson M, Tiller WA, Rein G, Watkins AD. - American Journal of Cardiology, 1996 Feb)
* Laplace-transform technique for deriving thermodynamic equations from the classical microcanonical ensemble (Eric M. Pearson, Timur Halicioglu, and William A. Tiller - Physical Review, 1985 Nov)
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* Electronic device-mediated pH changes in water (WE Dibble Jr, WA Tiller - Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 13, No. 2, 1999)

External links

* [http://www.tillerfoundation.com www.tillerfoundation.com] - the Tiller Foundation
* [http://soe.stanford.edu/research/layout.php?T=C&sunetid=07098155 Stanford University's Bio page on Tiller]

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