Bunker (disambiguation)

Bunker (disambiguation)

A bunker is a defensive military fortification.

Bunker may also refer to:

* Bunker (golf), a sand trap on a golf course.
* Fuel on a ship is called bunker fuel
* Fuel accessed via a large tank or via the provision of a fuel card is referred to as 'bunkered fuel'
* The fuel (usually coal) container on a steam tank locomotive or ship, or a chamber in a building for furnace coal
* Búnker refers to a faction of far-right francoists in the period of Spanish democratic transition
* Bunker gear, a colloquial term for the protective clothing worn by firefighters
* A paintball bunker
* Atlantic menhaden, a species of fish

* Bunker Tragedy


* "The Bunker", a 1978 book about the last days of Hitler
* The Bunker (film) could mean two films:
** "The Bunker" (1981 film), a film based on the 1978 book
** "The Bunker" (2001 film), with Jason Flemying
* "Bunker Soldiers", a Doctor Who novel
* "Bunker Bean", a 1936 film
* "Bunker 13", a 2003 novel by Aniruddha Bahal


* Bunker Hill
* Bunker, Missouri


* Búnker, a far-right faction during the Spanish transition to democracy
* Archie Bunker, Carroll O'Connor's character on "All in the Family"
* Berkeley L. Bunker, an American Senator and Representative
* Bunker Roy, an Indian social activist
* Chang and Eng Bunker, Siamese twins
* Clive Bunker, a drummer
* Edith Bunker, another character from "All in the Family"
* Edward Bunker, the writer
* Edward Bunker (Mormon pioneer)
* Ellsworth Bunker, an American diplomat
* Gloria Stivic (née Bunker), from "All in the Family"
* Mark Bunker, a television producer
* Max Bunker, an Italian comic book artist
* Wally Bunker (born 1945), a former Major League Baseball pitcher

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