Histone methyltransferase

Histone methyltransferase

Name = euchromatic histone-lysine N-methyltransferase 1
caption =

width =
HGNCid = 24650
Symbol = EHMT1
AltSymbols =
EntrezGene = 79813
OMIM = 607001
RefSeq = NM_024757
UniProt = Q9H9B1
ECnumber =
Chromosome = 9
Arm =
Band =
LocusSupplementaryData =

Histone methyltransferases (HMT) are enzymes, histone-lysine N-methyltransferase and histone-arginine N-methyltransferase, which catalyze the transfer of one to three methyl groups from the cofactor S-Adenosyl methionine to lysine and arginine residues of histone proteins. These proteins often contain an SET (Su(var)3-9, Enhancer of Zeste, Trithorax) domain, however the recently discovered HMT Dot1 lacks the characteristic SET domain.

Histone methylation serves in epigenetic gene regulation. Methylated histones bind DNA more tightly, which inhibits transcription.

ee also

*Histone-Modifying Enzymes
*Histone acetyltransferase
*Histone deacetylase
*RNA polymerase control by chromatin structure

Methylated histones can either repress or activate transcription as different experimental findings suggest.

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