Lenfell is a fictional world portrayed in Melanie Rawn's Exiles Series. The capital of Lenfell is Ryka Court, and the land is divided into Shirs. It is a federal system governed by the Council, which seats a representative from every Shir, and is led by the First Councillor.

One of the defining events in Lenfell's history was the Waste Wars, in which two factions of magic, the Malerissi and the Mage Guardians, fought and set loose cataclysmic magic. The resulting outburst of magic let loose upon the world caused many deaths and birth defects that lasted for generations. It was this war that defined status, creating the Bloods and Tiers.

The Malerissi and the Mage Guardians continue to be antagonistic.

Lenfell is a corruption of the term "Land-fall" used by the early, Catholic refugee settlers of the world.

Lenfell's society is a matriarchal society, and magic is very much a part of their heritage and history.

Bloods and Tiers

Bloods - The Bloods are in essence the ruling class of Lenfell. During the defining First Census, a family with the least amount of birth defects was granted Blood Status. As with all families, Bloods have two colours for their Name, but they are also given a gold Sigil to mark their status.

Tiers - Originally there were five tiers, Firsts and Seconds being the highest next to Bloods. The Thirds and Fourths are in the lower echelon of Lenfells society. Over time, the Fifth Tier - the one with the most genetic anomalies - died out. First and Second Tier Names also have sigils, Silver for Firsts, and Copper for Seconds.

The Tier system was seemingly abolished upon the marriage of the Lady Glenin Feiran (nee Ambrai) to Garon Anniyas. Although officially there are no more Bloods or Tiers, the people of Lenfell have long memories of their status and that of others.

Cities and towns (shirs)


Several notable cities dot Lenfell's landscape. There is the capital, Ryka Court, where the Council meets.

Ambrai, capital of Ambraishir and former center of culture and Mage Guardians, was destroyed by Auvry Feiran and the Council Guard but is being rebuilt.

Other cities are known for various things, including beautiful Saints murals, gardens, and ironworks, among other things.

* Ryka Court (Ryka)
* Havenport (Shellinkroth)
* Shainkroth (Tillinshir)
* Longriding (The Waste)
* Combel (The Waste)
* Renig (The Waste)
* Ambrai (Ambraishir)
* Roseguard (Sheve)
* Pinderon (Cantrashir)
* Cantratown (Cantrashir)
* Wyte Lynn Castle (Bleynbradden)
* Neele (Bogdenguard)
* Kenroke (Kenrokeshir)
* Roke Castle (Kenrokeshir)
* Domburr Castle (Domburronshir)
* Domburron (Domburronshir)
* Firrense (Gierkenshir)
* Dinn (Dindenshire)
* Isodir (Rinesteenshir)

The Books (Exiles series)

* Volume 1: The Ruins of Ambrai (November 1, 1994)
* Volume 2: The Mageborn Traitor (March 1, 1998)
* Volume 3: The Captal's Tower (forthcoming)



* Glenin Feiran (942-989)First Daughter of Maichen Ambrai and Auvry Feiran, name changed 951. First Lord of Malerissi, mother of Jored Feiran (Ambrai).

* Sarra Liwellan (946-?) Sarra Ambrai, second daughter of Maichen Ambrai and Auvry Feiran. Adopted First Daughter of Agatine Slegin and Orlin Renne. Lady of Roseguard, wife of Collan Rosevenir, Councillor from Sheve, mother of Taigan and Mikel Ambrai.

* Cailet Rille (951-?)Cailet Ambrai, third daughter of Maichen Ambrai and Auvry Feiran. Captal of Mage Guardians. Raised by Lilen Ostin.

* Collan Rosevenir (938-989)True name unknown, Minstrel, Lord of Roseguard, husband of Sarra Liwellan, father of Taigan and Mikel Ambrai.


* Gorynel Desse
* Lilen Ostin
* Chava Allard
* Golonet Doriaz
* Saris Allard
* Granon Bekke
* Taig Ostin
* Maichen Ambrai
* Auvry Feiran
* Avira Anniyas
* Garon Anniyas

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