23rd century

23rd century

The 23rd century of the anno Domini (common) era will span the years 2201–2300 of the Gregorian calendar.

Predictions for the 23rd century

Astronomical predictions

* 2221: Triple conjunction between Mars and Saturn.
* Friday, February 22, 2222: At 22:22:22, the date will read 2222-02-22 22:22:22.
* December 2, 2223: At 12:32 UTC Mars will occult Jupiter.
* 2238/2239: Triple conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn (last triple conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn was in 1981).
* August 12, 2243: At 04:52 UTC, Venus will occult Saturn.
* June 11, 2247: Transit of Venus.
* March 4, 2251: At 10:52 UTC, Venus will occult Uranus.
* In 2252, the planetoid Orcus will have completed one orbit of the Sun since its discovery in 2004, based upon current orbital measurements which give it a period of 248 Earth years.
* August 1, 2253: Mercury occults Regulus (last occultation of Regulus by Mercury was on August 13, 364 BC).
* June 9, 2255: Transit of Venus.
* 2256 to 2258: Eris will reach perihelion for the first time since discovery.
* 2279: Triple conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.
* October 6, 2271: Close conjunction between Venus and Regulus, perhaps occultation of Regulus by Venus.
* 2281, 2282: Grand Trine of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
The last time this occurred was 1769, 1770.
* Sunday, August 28, 2287: The distance between Mars and Earth closes toward its minimum, the closest approach of the two planets since Wednesday, August 27 2003.
* In 2288, the planetoid Quaoar will have completed one orbit of the Sun since its discovery in 2002, based upon current orbital measurements which gives it a period of 286 Earth years.

Other predictions

*2217: The Centralia Mine Fire in Centralia, Pennsylvania is predicted to have used up the mine's coal and stop burning.
*2295: The US population is predicted to reach its first one billion inhabitants under current growth trends.
*2300: Google's plan to index all the world's information and make it searchable could by achieved, according to Eric E. Schmidt. [cite news |first=Elinor |last=Mills |title=Google reveals its 300-year plan |url=http://news.zdnet.co.uk/internet/0,1000000097,39228011,00.htm |format= |work=CNET News.com |date=2005-10-10 ]


Unless changes are made as to when Easter will occur, in 2285, the Western Easter will fall on March 22 for the first time since 1818.
March 22 is the earliest possible date on which Easter can occur.

Religious Predictions

*According to the Jewish interpretation of creation, Adam was created in 3761 BC. It will have been 6,000 years since then in 2239, thereby initiating a spiritual Sabbatical on a global scale lasting a thousand years (the 7th Millennium on the Hebrew Calendar). [Bromberg, Irv. cite web|title="The Rectified Hebrew Calendar."|url=http://individual.utoronto.ca/kalendis/hebrew/rect.htm|accessdate=2007-10-31]

"See" .

*According to Rashad Khalifa, a man who claimed to be a messenger of God, and claimed to discover a divine mathematical miracle in the Quran ["One of the great miracles" cite web|title="Mathematical Miracle of the Quran."|url=http://www.submission.org/quran/app1.html] , used the Mysterious Initials in the Quran to predict that the world will end in the year 2280. [Khalifa, Rashad cite web|title="The End of the World."|url=http://www.submission.org/quran/app25.html]

Science fiction set in the 23rd century


* "The Fortunate Fall", a novel by Raphael Carter.
* "The Glass Bead Game", a novel by Hermann Hesse.
* "Pennterra", a novel by Judith Moffett.
* "Satellite Night" trilogy, by Nick Pollotta.
* "Sundiver", a novel by David Brin.
* "Methuselah's Children", a novel by Robert A. Heinlein, begins in the 22nd century and terminates in the 23rd century.
* "Friday", a novel by Robert A. Heinlein, probably happens in the 23rd century.
* "Hip Flask", a series of graphic novels published by Image Comics.
* Alliance-Union universe, backdrop for a series of novels by C. J. Cherryh extending into the 24th century.
* "Blue Mars" of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy. The books ends in the first years of the 23rd century.

Television and film

Star Trek

*Montgomery Scott, born 2222.
*Leonard McCoy, born 2227.
*Spock, born 2230.
*James T. Kirk, born on March 22, 2233.
*Hikaru Sulu, born 2237.
*Nyota Uhura, born 2239.
*Pavel Chekov, born 2245.
* USS "Enterprise" is launched in 2245.
* "Star Trek (film)" (believed to be set around the late 2250s or early 2260's due to 'younger crew' being cast and before "")
* "" (pilots circa 2254 and 2265, series circa 2266–2269)
* "" (circa 2269–2270)
* "" (circa 2272, two-and-a-half years after the end of the series)
* "" (circa 2285)
* "" (circa 2285)
* "" (circa 2286)
* "" (circa 2287)
* "" (circa 2293)
* "(In Part) Star Trek Generations" (circa 2293)

Other television and film

* "Babylon 5", a TV-series set in the mid 23rd century (specifically the span 2258-2262, with each year corresponding to a season of the series).
* "Bicentennial Man", in 2205, Andrew Martin dies only hours shy of reaching 200 years old.
* "", a videogame and TV-series is set in the year 2201.
* "The Fifth Element" (2263, as seen in the post-it-like clock, when the protagonist press it to stop bipping. This clock gives the exact day).
* "Forbidden Planet" set in 2257
* "Futurama", in the 2200s, Doctor Zoidberg's race, the Decapodians, first arrived on Earth, later causing the extinction of the anchovy. Also in Futurama: Scientists increased the speed of light in 2208.
* "Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah", the Futurians come from the year 2204
* "Infinite Ryvius" takes place mainly in 2225 AD.
* "Logan's Run" (film)
* "Quark (TV series)" in 2222
* "Red Dwarf," parts of the series may be set in the 23rd century, evidenced by Lister stating that he is "an enlightened 23rd century guy." However, other episodes imply Lister is from the 21st century, and most of the series is set about 3 million years later.
* "Skyland", a TV show on Nicktoons Network takes place in 2251.
* "Starship Troopers" is placed in the 23rd Century, as said by Paul Verhoeven in the Director's commentary.
* "Zardoz", a movie set in a post-apocalyptic 2293 A.C.


* In the music video for Will Smith's song "Will 2K" from his album "Willenium", one of the years he goes to is 2222.


Computer games

* "Quake 4" is set in the year 2245.
* "Wipeout Pulse" takes place in the year 2207.
* "StarQuest Online" is set around 2216.
* In the "StarCraft" series, the United Powers League is said to be founded on Earth on November 22, 2229.
* "Aliens versus Predator 2", a computer game, is set between November, 2230 and January 7, 2231.
* "Fallout 2", set 80 years after the original Fallout, begins in 2241.
* "Fallout 3" begins in the year 2277.
* "" is set around 2251.
* "Unreal (series)" The New Earth Government legalizes no holds-barred fighting 2291.
* "Independence War" (aka "I-War"), a large-scale spacecraft game is set in 2268.
* "Freelancer" 's introduction takes place in the 23rd century.
* ", the sandbox version of the game starts in 2225 and the campaign for the most part in the late 2220s.
* "Malice" takes place in the 23rd century.
* "The Longest Journey" takes place in 2209 and its sequel "Dreamfall" — in 2219.
* "Ogame" is based around 2250.

Arcade and console games

* "RayStorm", also known as "Layer Section 2", takes place in the 23rd century, including a stage in August 5, 2219 among others.
* In "Einhänder" the Earth and Moon are at war, the events of the game transpiring sometime in 2245.
* "Chrono Trigger", one of the time periods of this game is set in the year 2300, where the Earth is a post-apocalyptic, barren wasteland.
* "" takes place sometime after 2202, officially in 22XX.
* "Megaman Starforce " takes place in the year 220X.
* "Mega Man Star Force_2 " takes place in the year 220X.
* "Mega Man Star Force 3 " takes place in the year 220X.
* "" levels "The Machine Wars" and "Something to Crow About" take place in 2243.
* The "Timesplitters 2" level 'Return to Planet X' is set in the year 2280
* "Silver the Hedgehog" and "Blaze the Cat" from the "Sonic the Hedgehog series" live approximately 200 years in the future. (Around about 2206)
* Wipeout Pulse takes place in 2207.
* In "", the Starfleet campaign is set in 2284.
* "Phalanx", a SNES game, takes place in 2279.
* In the Halo universe, humans invent the slipspace drive in 2291.

Other games

* "Risk 2210 A.D." is a variant of the board game Risk that takes place in the year 2210.

Decades and years


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