Canarian wrinkly potatoes

Canarian wrinkly potatoes

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name = Canarian wrinkly potatoes

caption = Canarian wrinkly potatoes with red mojo sauce
alternate_name = "Papas arrugada"
country = Spain
region = Canary Islands
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course = Appetiser or side dish
served = Warm
main_ingredient = Potatoes
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Canarian wrinkly potatoes ( _es. Papas arrugadas) is a traditional dish eaten in the Canary Islands.

The dish is made from small new potatoes which are cleaned (but not peeled), then boiled in water (originally in seawater, but it is more usual that salt is added to the water in the boiling process) and then baked in their skins until they become shrivelled. Alternatively, in some recipes, after cooking in salted water most of the water is discarded and the small amount that remains is boiled away until the potatoes become dry. This leaves them with a characteristic dry salt crust on their skins.

They are usually served with a pepper sauce, called Mojo, or as an accompaniment to meat dishes.

The potatoes have to be the smallest the cook can find; if not, the potatoes will miss their supposed flavor and they will not absorb all the sauce.

They are considered one of the most unusual dishes in all Spanish cuisine, and a very exotic (and usually delicious) dish, especially for tourists or even Spaniards who aren't born in the Canary Islands.

They also are considered the "main dish" or the "star dish" of the Canary Islands cuisine.

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