Venus (disambiguation)

Venus (disambiguation)

Venus is the second-closest planet to the Sun.

Venus may refer to:
* Venus (mythology), the Roman goddess of love, in Greek mythology known as Aphrodite
* Venus symbol (♀) "(disambiguation page)"


* Venus Williams, female tennis player
* Venus, an alias for Angelica Costello, a pornographic actress
* Venus Terzo, an actress
* the so-called Hottentot Venus, Saartjie Baartman


* Venus, Florida, a town in the United States
* Venus, Texas, a town in the United States
* Venus, Romania, a resort in Romania


* "Venus" (genus), a genus of clams in the bivalve mollusc family Veneridae
* VENUS (Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea), an oceanographic observatory near Victoria, B.C., Canada
* Venus Flytrap ("Dionaea muscipula"), a carnivorous plant
* a Yellow fluorescent protein, a yellow Green fluorescent protein derivative

Arts & entertainment

Paintings and sculptures

* "Rokeby Venus", a painting by the Spanish artist Velázquez
* "Venus" (mural), 10-story-high painting by New York artist Knox Martin
* "The Birth of Venus" (Botticelli), a famous painting
* Venus de Milo, an ancient Greek statue
* Venus figurines, group of prehistoric objects
* Many artworks, not necessarily of the classical goddess, see the list in Venus (mythology)
* Venus of Mierlo, prehistoric engraving
* Venus of Willendorf, prehistoric statuette


* "Venus" (film), 2006 movie starring Peter O'Toole


*Venus (band), a Belgian pop group
*"Venus" (Frankie Avalon song)
*"Venus" (Low song)
*"Venus" (Shocking Blue song), notably covered by Bananarama
*"Venus" (Tackey and Tsubasa song)
*"Venus", a 2004 song by Air on their album "Talkie Walkie"
*"Venus", a track on Television's 1977 album "Marquee Moon"
*"Venus, the Bringer of Peace", from Gustav Holst's "The Planets"
*"Venus" is the first full length album from Toledo, Ohio rock group We Are The Fury
*"Venus" is a Single by The Feelers off their first album Supersystem
*"Venus" (Butthole Surfers song) is a song by the Butthole Surfers on their 2001 album, "Weird Revolution".


* The Venus series, science fiction novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs
* "Venus" (novel), a novel in the series Grand Tour by Ben Bova

Fictional characters

* Venus (Marvel Comics), the Marvel Comics character, based on the goddess Venus
* Venus (comic), a Wonder Woman pastiche from Big Bang Comics
* Venus (TMNT), the short-lived sister of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
* Venus A, a female mecha from the Great Mazinger manga and anime series
* "Sailor Venus" or "Minako Aino", one of the "Sailor Senshi" from the anime/manga, "Sailor Moon"
* Venus, a nightclub singer from the game "EarthBound"
* Venus, the female ninja in the Uesugi clan in "Devil Kings" whose name is only Kasuga, and Venus is her Devil Kings name
* Venus Flytrap (WKRP in Cincinnati), the on-air name of a disc jockey in the television situation comedy "WKRP in Cincinnati"
* Venus, a glamorous doctor of French origin on Fireball XL5.


* LG Venus (VX8800), a Verizon mobile phone manufactured by LG Electronics
* VENUS Engine, an image processing system used in Panasonic digital cameras


* Venus Swimwear, online and catalog retailer of women's clothing and swimwear
* Venus Bucureşti, a defunct Romanian football team
* a street name of the drug 2C-B

ee also

* venous, blood vessels

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