thumb|350px|Coin_of_Spalirises (50-47 BCE).
Obv:Spalirises in armour on a horse. Greek legend BASILEUS MEGALOU SPALIRISOU "Great king Spalirises".
Rev: Zeus holding thunderbolt. Kharoshthi legend.] Spalirises (50-47 BCE) was an Indo-Scythian "Great king" of the 1st century BCE. He was the brother of Vonones (some of his coins explain he was "Brother of the king"), and probably identical with Spalahores.

The territories of Spalarises were apparently absorbed by Azes I, his successor, who appears on the reverse on some of his coins.

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*Greco-Bactrian Kingdom
*Indo-Greek Kingdom
*Indo-Parthian Kingdom
*Kushan Empire

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