Keep Talking

Keep Talking

Name = Keep Talking

Artist = Pink Floyd
Album = The Division Bell
Released = March 30 1994 (UK)
April 5 1994 (US)
track_no = 9
Recorded = 1993
Genre = Progressive rock
Length = 6:14/6:52 (Pulse version)
Writer = David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Polly Samson
Label = EMI (UK)
Columbia Records (US)
Producer = Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour
Chart position =
* #1 (US Mainstream Rock)
* #26 (UK)
prev = "Coming Back to Life"
prev_no = 8
next = "Lost for Words"
next_no = 10
"Keep Talking" is a song from Pink Floyd's 1994 album, "The Division Bell". It features vocals by Stephen Hawking sampled from a BT television advertisement and was featured in both the P*U*L*S*E video and album. The version on the audio release is taken from a different show than the one on the video and DVD. The song also makes some use of the talk box guitar effect.

The song was the first single to be released from the album in the United States on March 1994 and was written by David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Polly Samson.

It was included in the 2001 compilation, "".

The electronic voice of Stephen Hawking is credited in this song. [(liner notes from )]


*David Gilmour - guitar, lead vocals
*Richard Wright - Hammond organ and synthesizer
*Nick Mason - drums and percussion
*Tim Renwick- rhythm guitars
*Gary Wallis- percussion
*Jon Carin - Programming and additional keyboards
*Guy Pratt - Bass
*Bob Ezrin- arrangement, percussion
*Sam Brown, Durga McBroom and Carol Kenyon - backing vocals
*Stephen Hawking - electronic voice


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