King Shenjing of Zhou

King Shenjing of Zhou

King Shenjing of Zhou, trad. ch.: 周慎靚王, sim. Ch.: 周慎靓王, pinyin: zhaō shèn jìng wáng, wg: King Shenching of Chou was the thirty-fifth sovereign of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty and the twenty-fourth of Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

Personal information

Family name Ji (姬 jī) in Chinese
Given name Ding (定 dìng) in Chinese
Era name none
Father King Xian of Zhou
Mother unknown
Wife unknown
Children King Nan of Zhou
Duration of reign 320 BC-315 BC
Tomb unknown
Temple name unknown
Courtesy name unknown
Posthumous name 慎靚 (pinyin shèn jìng), literary meaning: "prudent and tranquil"

line of rulers
line=Zhou Dynasty
previous=King Xian of Zhou
next=King Nan of Zhou

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