Jimmy King (Emmerdale)

Jimmy King (Emmerdale)

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name=Jimmy King
portrayer=Nick Miles
born=1 March 1965
home=Home Farm
family= The King family
father = Tom King
mother = Mary King
brothers = Matthew King
Max King
Carl King
sisters=Georgina King
halfsisters = Scarlett Nicholls| great aunts = Phyllis King
spouse = Sadie Campbell (?-2005)
nephews= Thomas King
nieces = Anya King
first = 6 February 2004
last =

James "Jimmy" King is a fictional character on the ITV soap opera "Emmerdale". He is played by Nick Miles.


Jimmy King has got money, power and the opportunity to live a perfect life - but the dippy businessman just can’t help messing it up.

Born when his father was still climbing the ladder of success, Jimmy didn’t have the privileges of university that his younger siblings have had - and it often shows. He began working for his father at fifteen, after Tom bought out his boss' failing factory. Charles Maguire was to be a thorn between Jimmy and Tom for some time, as an idealistic Jimmy disputed his fathers tactics.

Relationship with Sadie King

His marriage to Sadie seemed to be perfect from the outside. A stunning blonde who was determined to see her husband succeed, Sadie seemed to share the same goals as Jimmy. But, sadly for him, there was one issue they fundamentally disagreed on.

While he was desperate for children, Sadie never had any intention of having them and had continued to have contraceptive injections behind his back. When her deception was revealed, Jimmy was horrified she’d been so sly and moved into the spare bedroom.

Relationship with Charity Dingle

Sick of being made a fool of by his wife and his family, Jimmy soon fell into an elaborate trap set up by Charity Tate.

Having been framed by Sadie, Charity was desperate to clear her name and decided Jimmy was the just the man to help her do it. She lured him to a hotel room after having passionate sex with him, Charity videotaped him confirming that Sadie had set the whole thing up and then showed the tape to Tom.

The results were catastrophic for Jimmy. Estranged from his wife and disowned by his family, Jimmy joined forces with a rival businessman to the Kings - but his defection didn’t last long.

When Tom forgave him and welcomed him back into the fold, Jimmy was quick to take his chance while he could - and, besides, he had a very bitter divorce battle looming.

Relationship with Kelly Windsor

Relations between himself and Sadie had descended into all out war and Jimmy had further inflamed the situation by concealing most of his assets so Sadie would get a tiny divorce settlement. So when his clever wife manipulated her way back into the family business, Jimmy was horrified.

But while Sadie was causing him grief at work, Jimmy decided to enjoy a bit of play with village vixen Kelly Windsor. The couple enjoyed a brief romance which was all about sex for Jimmy and money for Kelly but when it was revealed that his young lover had a less than perfect past, Jimmy ditched her.

He went on to try and pull Woolpack barmaid Toni Daggert, but didn’t get very far when a furious Paddy Kirk interuppted the liaison, so went back to concentrating on his business. Jimmy was determined to make Tom proud of him after Matthew walked away from King & Sons for the love of Sadie, leaving Jimmy in charge.

But the wily pair had already started plotting to ruin Jimmy – who was trying to secure a deal to buy out rival Don Clough’s firm. When their scheming made Jimmy lose the deal, he was incensed but he threw himself into trying to get the new development launched by the proper date.

The problem is that Jimmy has no qualms about cutting corners and engaging in dodgy business practices that have his brother Carl King fuming.

Kings River Explosion

After Kings River Show Home was vandalised by Sadie, in an effort to please his father and not postpone the opening any longer Jimmy didn't bother to get it properly repaired and the result was a gas leak that led to massive explosions in the house which collapsed claimed the lives of three people: Dawn Woods, Noreen Bell and David Brown. Jimmy was in the house at the time of collapse and as a result his back was seriously injured, leaving him temporarily paralysed. Tom sent him away for a couple of months for expensive surgery to help him recover.

Jimmy was only back for a few months before his father became involved with Rosemary. All three King brothers tried unsuccessfully to persuade their father what a nasty piece of work Rosemary was, but a Christmas day wedding went ahead to end in tragedy, when Tom was murdered by Carl.

Half Sister: Scarlett Nicholls

After his funeral Jimmy and his brothers were shocked to find Tom had slept with their mother's young nurse Carrie sixteen years previously, resulting in a daughter, Scarlett. Matthew tried to throw money at the problem, desperate to get rid of their new teenage sister, and Carl ignored the pair of them, but family man Jimmy began to embrace his new sibling, becoming a surrogate father in Tom's place.

Jimmy and Kelly got back together shortlybefore Christmas, and originally, Kelly told her family it were just to get revenge for the death of Dawn and bleed him dry. Unbeknownst to her family at the time, Kelly had fallen in love with Jimmy and couldn't go through with her half-hearted plan. After initially deserting her when he learned of her supposed intention, Jimmy realised Kelly's declaration of love was genuine, and he soon took her back. She supported him throughout the ordeal of his father's death, being accused of the murder and even providing Jimmy with a false alibi. Jimmy and Kelly then got engaged.

Kelly's Abortion

A couple of months before the wedding, Kelly discovered that she was expecting her and Jimmy's first child. Initially she seemed willing to keep the baby, asking her modelling agent if her career would be badly affected by taking a year or two out. Her agent soon realised what Kelly was implying and told her that all women who took time out to have a baby were unusable in the modelling world upon their return. Deciding that she and Jimmy could always have children later on, Kelly decided to terminate the pregnancy, a decision she later lived to regret. Noticing that Kelly seemed reluctant after being handed the abortion pill by a nurse, Scarlett, who had accompanied Kelly to the clinic, pointed out that perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to go through with it if she wasn't sure, but Kelly insisted that she was and took the medication. A guilty Scarlett later admitted to her mother Carrie what had happened, and Carrie angrily confronted Kelly, disgusted at her deceit. Kelly pleaded with Carrie not to tell Jimmy about the baby and Carrie reluctantly agreed, on the condition that Kelly stay away from Scarlett from now on.

Marriage to Kelly Windsor

On 9th October 2007, the day of Jimmy and Kelly's wedding, two major revelations were brought up, which led to Jimmy jilting a heartbroken Kelly at the altar. Despite Kelly's obvious regret at aborting her baby and Donna and Paul's best efforts to reunite the pair, Jimmy was unable to forgive Kelly for killing his baby and refused to take her back. Crushed, Kelly left the village.

Relationship with Carrie Nicholls

After having been pursued by Carrie in the weeks prior to his wedding to Kelly, Jimmy finally gave into her advances and the pair had a brief affair. However, things quickly turned sour when Carrie told Jimmy she loved him and he found himself unable to say the same back, leaving Carrie furious and humiliated as she was forced to accept that Jimmy had only slept with her on the rebound from Kelly. Soon afterwards Carrie moved to Canada with an old flame, leaving Scarlett in the care of Jimmy and Lexi.

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