Volga (disambiguation)

Volga (disambiguation)

Volga can refer to the following.


*Volga River, the largest river of Europe and a national river of Russia
*Volga Federal District, one of the seven Federal districts of Russia
*Volga, Russia, a settlement in Yaroslavl Oblat, Russia
*Volgograd, a city in Russia on the Volga
*Volga Bulgaria, a historic state

;United States
*Volga, Indiana, an unincorporated town
*Volga, Iowa, a small city
*Volga, South Dakota, a small city
*Volga River (Iowa), a river

Other uses

*Volga (automobile), a Russian brand of automobiles
*Volga (finance), the second derivative of price with respect to volatility
*Volga-Dnepr, a Russian cargo airline
*M7 motorway (Russia), also known as Volga Highway
*1149 Volga, an asteroid
*"Volga-Volga", a 1938 Russian comedy film
*Volga class motorship, a Russian river passenger ship

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