List of Swedish lake-monsters

List of Swedish lake-monsters

List of Swedish lake-monsters is a list of Swedish lakes alleged to be home to monsters.

wedish lakes rumoured to have lake monsters

* Torne träsk in Norrbotten
* Malgomaj in Västerbotten
* Tavelsjön in Västerbotten
* Råsvalen in Västmanland
* Åmänningen in Västmanland
* Storsjön in Jämtland - Nickname: "Storsjöodjuret"
* Kallsjön in Jämtland
* Norra Dellen in Hälsingland
* Södra Dellen in Hälsingland
* Gryttjen in Hälsingland - Nickname: "Gryttie"
* Judarn in Stockholm
* Svarttjärn in Stockholm
* Vättern in Östergötland
* Salstern in Östergötland
* Regnaren in Östergötland
* Stensjön in Östergötland
* Lickasjön in Östergötland
* Svartsjön in Östergötland
* Stora resjön in Östergötland
* Västjutten in Östergötland
* Åmmelången in Närke
* Fegen in Småland
* Sommen in Småland
* Tingstäde träsk in Gotland
* Mjörn in Västergötland
* Bullaren in Bohuslän
* Varberg Fortress Moat Monster
* Rönningesjön in Täby - Nickname: "Storbjäfsen"

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*List of Scottish loch-monsters

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* [ Official page of Storsjöodjuret] In Swedish, English, German
* [ GUST Global Underwater Search Team] In Swedish and English
* [ List of Swedish lake monsters] In Swedish
* [ Gryttie homepage] in Swedish (basic info in English)

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