Skule (engineering society)

Skule (engineering society)

Skule, formally the University of Toronto Engineering Society, is the oldest engineering society in Canada, founded in 1885. Its membership consists of undergraduate students in the University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

History and Traditions

Origin of Name

The name "Skule" was first used during the time when the Faculty was called the School of Practical Science (SPS). Students preferred the abbreviation "Skule", claiming it was the "metric spelling" of "School". The name was trade-marked by the Engineering Society in 1984, [ [ Canadian Intellectual Property Office Trade-marks Database] ] and students in the Faculty commonly refer to one another as "Skulemates".

Toike Oike

The phrase Toike Oike comes from an Irish janitor in the original SPS building (the "Skulehouse") named Graham. Whenever students were working late in the labs and he had to close up the building, he would tell them to "take a hike", which sounded like "toike oike" due to his Irish accent. Students of the day then used this as the original inspiration for the words of the of Skule Yell. Toike Oike is variously pronounced "toy-kee-oyk" or "toyk-oyk", and is also the name of the Engineering Society's humour newspaper, which has been in print since 1911.

Skule Yell

The name Toike Oike is also used to refer to the Skule Yell, the cheer of the University of Toronto Engineering Society and likely the oldest surviving tradition of Skule:

:Toike Oike! Toike Oike!:Ollum te Chollum te Chay!:Skule of Science, Skule of Science:Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!:We Are (we are!), We Are (we are!), We Are the Engineers!:We Can (we can!), We Can (we can!), Demolish Forty Beers!:Drink Rum (straight!) Drink Rum (straight!) And Come Along With Us,:For We Don’t Give a Damn For Any Damn Man Who Don’t Give a Damn For Us!:Yaaaay SKULE!!

The original Skule cheer was:

:Who are we? Can’t you guess?:We are from the SPS:S-C-H-O-O-L!!

At that time, there was a much stronger sense of spirit and rivalry among the different colleges and faculties at the University of Toronto. Each had their own distinctive cheer or yell, used to loudly proclaim their superiority at every possible occasion. Both Skule and the rest of the University recognized the original as an inadequate cheer, so the first four lines of the Toike Oike cheer were proposed by A. G. Piper and adopted in 1897. The new yell was first performed at a Theatre Night, a major campus-wide event for all faculties held on Halloween.

The last four lines of the yell are essentially the chorus of Godiva's Hymn, and were first added on November 25, 1905 during the procession from Rosedale Field to the King Edward Hotel following a victory of the University of Toronto rugby team over the Ottawa Rough Riders. During the game, Casey Baldwin, a Skuleman, had made a spectacular play in the last minutes to win the dominion championship for the university.

Godiva's Hymn and Godiva Week

Like many other universities, Skule students frequently sing Godiva's Hymn (or the Engineer's Hymn) and revere Lady Godiva . The first week of classes in January following Christmas holidays is designated Godiva Week, and features numerous events, competitions and activities [ [ Godiva Week website] ] . The Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad (sic), a "white noise brigade", also draws its name from this tradition.


Ye Olde Mighty Skule Cannon, the official Skule mascot, is (unusually), an actual cannon. A Cannon Guard led by the "Chief Attiliator" protects the Cannon, which has been historically a target for attempted theft by other engineering schools. While many other schools have attempted to steal the Cannon no other university has ever successfully stolen the Cannon, however it has been successfully stolen once by University College. It was returned soon thereafter due to negotiations between Engineering and Arts & Science students.

The Cannon is often fired (empty-shelled) during orientation events, and can also be heard during various events promoting Skule(TM) Spirit.

Musical groups and bands

kule Orchestra

The Skule Orchestra, founded in 2006, is a full symphonic orchestra of engineering students. It organises Moment, the Valentine's Ball.

kule Brass Band

kule Choir

Every year the Skule Choir, led by Malcolm McGrath, puts on a Christmas concert, usually located in Knox College Chapel with Malcolm McGrath on the main pipe organ and the Skule Brass Quintet.

kule Brass Quintet

kule Stage Band

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