Master of Arts in Practical Theology

Master of Arts in Practical Theology

The Master of Arts in Practical Theology degree ("M.A.P.T.") is an advanced theological degree at the graduate level designed to prepare students for careers in Christian ministry.cite web
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Though it is often less extensive than the Master of Divinity degree (M.Div.) offered by most seminaries, it is styled to offer the student practical skills in a specialized area such as spiritual formation, missions, or Christian Education combined with a background in Bible, Theology, and Church History. For this reason it is often chosen by those who intend to enter directly into church or parachurch ministry. As it requires less hours than the M.Div. degree, it is not designed for ordination in some denominations, but may be more than adequate in other denominations, especially when combined with a B.A. in Bible, Theology, or another related field.

This degree is offered at Ashland Theological Seminary among other seminaries.

M.A.P.T in comparison to other degrees: Theological degrees are amongst the oldest academic degrees offered in history. In the discipline of theology there are at least four master's degree programs. The standard degree for pastoral ministry is the Master of Divinity (M.Div, formerly Bachelor of Divinity) which is required by many ordaining denominations as it is the most comprehensive program usually entailing biblical studies (including the original languages) church history, theology, counseling and church administration. The M.Div. balances academic rigor and pastoral approaches. The second is the Master of Arts in Practical Theology (M.A.P.T.) This degree is designed for those with a prior BA in Bible and Theology who desire to focus primarily on pastoral theology and sharpen skills in spiritual formation and church leadership. While just as rigorous academically as the M.Div. the M.A.P.T. tends to focus primarily on that which is imminently "practical" in church leadership. The third possibility is the Master of Arts in Religion. The M.A.R. usually is the shortest program of the four, designed either as an excellent introduction to religion for laypersons or as a stepping stone degree for one to later attain an M.Div. or M.A.P.T. The fourth is the Master of Theology (Th.M.). This final degree is considered higher both in rank and in academic repute than the M.Div. M.A.R. or the M.A.P.T. and is more academic in nature rather than practical. The Th.M. is technically a half-step between the Master's and Doctoral level. The Th.M. almost always requires a thesis of at least 100 pages, nearly equivalent to the doctoral dissertation.


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