Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich (b. 1971, New Zealand) is "the world's most tattooed person" (a title formerly held by Tom Leppard), and has tattoos covering his entire body, including the inside of his foreskin, mouth and ears. He holds the Guinness world record as of 2006, having a full body coverage. [Citation
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Inspiration and first tattoo

As a young boy, he read about and began to have recurring thoughts of the most tattooed men and women. It did not go much further than just a thought until he got his first tattoo. It was of a small juggling club on his hip. [Citation
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Primitive Ghost

He is credited as "Lucky Rich" on vocals for the 1998 5-track "Skin" EP by the band "Primitive Ghost". The lineup included Baby Lemonade (Vocals), Michael Sheridan (Guitar), FAB (Percussion), Bryan St. James (Programming) and Ollie Olsen (Programming). A video clip for the title track "Skin" was screened on ABC rage (TV program) 4 September 1998 [Citation
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