Feel The Quality Records

Feel The Quality Records

Feel The Quality Records (FTQR) is a small independent record label based in Bristol, UK. It has released five CDs by different artistes since being founded in 2003 as Dub Direct Records. FTQR continues to record new music and artistes.


The city of Bristol, UK, has a strong history of independent record labels and large numbers of musicians live and work in the area. It is home to trip hop and a centre of drum & bass. Well-known bands from the area include Massive Attack, Roni Size, Smith & Mighty, Kosheen and Portishead.

Other Bristol record labels include Full Cycle, NRK Music, Sugar Shack Records and Sink & Stove Records. Recording studios in Bristol include Alma Vale Studio, Attic Attack, Christchurch, State of Art and Toybox.

First release

FTQR's first proper release was "Tenement Rydims" for the band Dub Direct. It was recorded in spring 2003 and was released soon after. It featured some well-known local artistes, including Steve Sonic, urban poet (Sourmash, The Federation), Guy Calhoun, local star guitarist (Armageddon, Katsu, Dub From Atlantis, Green Future Records), Diggi (Court of Miracles) programmed the drums, Bigga D (Ashanti, Armageddon, Katsu) sung and Dave Mordecai (Altered Moods) played tenor sax. Playing keyboards, bass guitar and producing was Rick Nowell (Katsu, Djibouti Roo, Keith Tippett Big Band, Altered Moods, Green Future Records). It could be called a mix of breakbeat, reggae and contemporary R&B. This was received well locally and had interest from various majorsFact|date=April 2007. The four tracks on the CD were played repeatedly on local radio station Passion FMFact|date=April 2007. It sold out.

econd release

In 2004, FTQR recorded the band Bud Direct and put out a CD "All You Need To Know". This was an all-electronic production, with only guitar being played live. Steve Sonic, urban poet, rhymed on three of the six tracks. Playing guitar was Guy Calhoun, with Diggi programming drums. Rick Nowell played keys and produced. It has been said that this CD has some immense tunes on it and had interest from SonyBMG.Fact|date=April 2007 "Look inside yourself and find out all you need to know, life supplies the nutrients so all of us can grow" (lyrics Steve Sonic).

Third release

In the autumn of 2005, FQTR released "Urban Angst", the first CD by This That The Other. It featured Steve Sonic on rapping and rhymes, Guy Calhoun on guitar, Rob Merrill (Reprazent, Full Cycle, Massive Attack, William Orbit etc. etc.) on drums, Laurence Deloes backing vocals, Bigga D vocals, Dave Mordecai tenor sax, Pete Trill (Patrick Duff, Butcher) on harmonica and Rick Nowell on keyboards and production. It was recorded at Alma Vale Studio in Bristol using the latest technology. The styles included are breakbeat, r'n'b and dance music. SonyBMG expressed some interest but nothing happened!Fact|date=April 2007 Reviews cast it as jazzy downbeat with Bristol-centric lyrics.Fact|date=April 2007

Fourth release

August 2006 saw the release of "Fallen Soldiers", the second CD by This That The Other. This six track CD has been recorded in Bristol and features Steve Sonic, Paul Hayles (Hawkwind, The Last Poets), Rob Merrill, Guy Calhoun, Laurence de Loes and Latch Manghat. It is produced and mixed by Rick Nowell and Paul Hayles. It was recorded using Alma Vale Studio, Toybox Studio and PIJ's. The material is a mix of rhyming, rock, tech, dub and beats as well more unusual ingredients: "Fallen Soldiers" has a distinctly different feeling from previous FTQR releases. Artwork for "Fallen Soldiers" was created by DOSE Productions, France [http://artwork.doseprod.com/ttto/index.html] .

Fifth release

In October 2006 "Monster Trucks", a CD-EP by Lastwind was released. On a more space rock trip, it has garnered good support from the crowds involved at their live shows and will be played on the monster truck circuit.

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