Overnet was a decentralized peer-to-peer computer network, usually used for sharing large files (e.g., movies and CD images). Overnet implements the Kademlia algorithm. In late 2006, Overnet and all Overnet-owned resources were taken down as a result of legal actions from the RIAA and others. However, since the core of Overnet is decentralized, Overnet clients are still able to function with limited functionality.

Overnet was the creation of Jed McCaleb, the creator of eDonkey2000. Before the takedown of Overnet and eDonkey2000, the two clients had merged into one client known as eDonkey2000. At its peak in June 2006, the combined network had approximately 645,000 concurrent users.[1]

As of 16 October 2007 the Overnet Protocol is still being used by the Storm botnet for communication between infected machines.[2]

Takedown notice

On September 12, 2005 it was reported that MetaMachine, Inc. has agreed to settle with the RIAA for $30 million (Monterey Herald Article), and the website has been replaced by a text advertisement reflecting the RIAA's interpretation of copyright law:

If you steal music or movies, you are breaking the law.

Courts around the world -- including the United States Supreme Court --
have ruled that businesses and individuals can be prosecuted for illegal

You are not anonymous when you illegally download copyrighted material.

Your IP address is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and has been logged.

Respect the music,  download legally.


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