M2 or M-2 may refer to:

In computers and electronics:
*M2, an e-mail and news client in the Opera web browser
*Memory Stick Micro (M2), a removable flash memory card format
*Modula-2 (M2), a computer programming language
*Panasonic M2, a video game console design
*Socket M2, a CPU socket
*Mother 2, a role-playing game for the SNES. Known as EarthBound in the US.

In economics:
*M2 (economics), a measure of the money supply

In firearms and military equipment:
*M2 Ball, ammunition
*M2 Bradley, an armored fighting vehicle
*M2 Browning machine gun, a machine gun in use since the 1920s
*M2 carbine, a select-fire carbine
*M2 Half Track Car
*M2 Light tank
*M2 mine, a World War II land mine
*M2/M4 Selectable Light-weight Attack Munition (SLAM), a land mine
*HMS "M2", a submarine

In rail transport:
*M2 (Copenhagen), part of a Metro system, Denmark
*M2 (Lausanne), part of a public transportation system, Switzerland
*M2 (railcar)
*M2 Line, part of the Bucharest Metro, Romania
*M2, the second line of Budapest Metro, Hungary
* SP&S Class M-2, a steam locomotives class

In roads:
*, in Brisbane, Australia
*, in Adelaide, Australia
*, a motorway in Sydney, Australia
*M-2 (Michigan highway), a former designation for a Michigan state highway
*M2 motorway, a motorway in southeast England
*M2 motorway (Northern Ireland), a motorway in Northern Ireland
*M2 motorway (Hungary), a motorway in Hungary
*M2 motorway (Pakistan), a motorway in Pakistan
*M2 motorway (Russia), another name for the Crimea Highway in Russia

In science:
*British NVC community M2, a mire biological community in the United Kingdom
*M2 protein, an ion channel in the cell membrane of the influenza A virus
*Messier 2 (M2), a globular cluster in the constellation Aquarius

In television:
*Magyar Televízió, a Hungarian TV channel
*MTV2, an American TV channel, formerly "M2" and sister channel of MTV

In music:
*Semitone, a musical interval sometimes abbreviated as "m2"

; other :
* Miles M.2 Hawk, a 1930s British two-seat light monoplane
* M2, the second of five mechanics modules taken in the GCE A Level Maths and Further Maths syllabus
* M2, an acronym used in aviculture for the Moluccan Cockatoo

See also

*, with a superscript number 2 to denote that the number is squared
*MII, with roman numerals representing the number 1002

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