1999 Pan American Games

1999 Pan American Games

The 13th Pan American Games were held in Winnipeg, Canada, from 23 July to 8 August, 1999 for the second time, after the 1967 edition of the multi-sports event.

Winnipeg mayor Glen Murray became nationally well known as a result of the Games and thanks to extensive coverage by the CBC. However, the Games themselves only had mixed success. The city reported an operating loss for the games, though they were optimistic that they could recoup the costs through tourism.

Hosts Canada celebrated its medal haul, which was the second best after the United States. However, some considered Canada's results overrated, since the US amassed the most medals with a mostly second-string team while Canada and Cuba had fielded their top national athletes. Cuba also managed more golds than Canada, despite having a smaller roster.

Frequent comparisons were made to the 1967 games, where the United States had fielded many rising stars, such as Mark Spitz. By comparison, the Americans had sent their "B" team in 1999. No major US networks covered the Games, while newspapers only sent second-string reporters instead and the stories never made front page news. Many high profile athletes, of all nationalities, such as US champion sprinters and Brazilian football players, were in Europe during these Pan Am games, taking part in professional events. South American nations (with the exception of Uruguay) did not send their under-23 male soccer teams after the organizing committee refused to pay appearance money to CONMEBOL.

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