The White Album (disambiguation)

The White Album (disambiguation)

"The White Album" can refer to one of the following works:

* "The Beatles (album)" (also known as The White Album), The Beatles, 1968
* "The White (EP)" an EP by Agalloch
* "The White Tape", the first album of PhishSubsequent references to the 1968 The Beatles album
* "Fleetwood Mac (1975 album)" (also sometimes named "The White Album"), by Fleetwood Mac, 1975
* "Lightning to the Nations" commonly known as "The White Album", Diamond Head, 1980
* "" also known as the White Cassette, 1986
* "The Whitey Album", Ciccone Youth (aka Sonic Youth) 1988
* "The White Album (Valensia album)", Valensia, 1994
* "The White Album (Jeff White album)", Jeff White, 1996
* "The White Album (Lewis Black album)", Lewis Black, 2000
* Untitled Korn album, also known as "The White Album", Korn, 2007
* "The White Album", a two-DVD one-CD album by TISM, 2004
* "The White Album (film)", a 2004 movie featuring snowboarder and skateboarder Shaun White
* "The White Album (book)", a book of essays by Joan Didion
* "White Album (video game)", a visual novel

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