Juan Bautista de Toledo

Juan Bautista de Toledo

Juan Bautista de Toledo (died May 19, 1567) was a well-known Spanish sculptor and architect from Madrid.

He was born in Madrid at an unknown date, and nothing is known of his childhood. But in 1547, Toledo went to Rome and studied under Michelangelo Buonarroti. Then he went to Naples, where he had been summoned by the Viceroy, Don Pietro de Toledo, to work as an architect for Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. He designed many buildings there, including: the Strada di Toledo (since 1870 called Strada di Roma), the church of St. Giacomo degli Spagnuoli; the square bastions to the Castello Nuovo; a large palazzo at Posillipo, and a number of fountains.

In 1559, he was summoned back to Madrid by Philip II and appointed Architect-in-Chief of the royal works in Spain. His yearly salary as architect to the Crown was at first no more than 220 ducats, because Philip's policy, with his Spanish artists at least, was to give them moderate allowances until he had tested their abilities. In Madrid, he designed the Casa de la Misericordia and the façade of the church de las Descalzas Reales, Casa de Campo. He also created works at Aceca; at the palace of Aranjuez; at Martininos de las Posadas, the palace of Cardinal Espinosa, and a villa at Esteban de Ambran for the secretary D. de Vargas. Toledo's master work was the Escorial, the Monastery, La Granjila de La Fresneda de El Escorial and Canal de El Escorial (the channel to supply water to the Monastery). He supervised El Escorial (Monastery and Site -the surroundings of Monastery) until his death in 1567. El Escorial was finished by Juan de Herrera.

Also reported to have designed the Palacio del Buen Retiro and, in collaboration with Gaspar de Vega, the main design of La Granjilla de La Fresneda de El Escorial, Madrid.


"This article incorporates text from the 1913 "Catholic Encyclopedia" article " [http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/08531a.htm Juan Bautista de Toledo] " by Thomas H. Poole, a publication now in the public domain."

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