List of cities in Japan

List of cities in Japan

This is a list of cities in Japan, by prefecture and within prefecture by founding date (but can be sorted within prefecture by name, population, area, or population density).

For more information about cities in Japan see Municipality of Japan. Most large cities in Japan are cities designated by government ordinance. Some regionally important cities are designated as core cities.

Tokyo is not included on this list, as the city of Tokyo ceased to exist on July 1, 1943. Tokyo now exists as a special "metropolis" prefecture (都 "to"), with 23 "special" wards (with the same status of city) making up the former boundaries of the former city in the eastern half of the prefecture.

See also List of cities in Japan by population.



* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 青森県人口移動統計調査] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 福井県の人口と世帯(推計)] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 岐阜県統計課(岐阜県の人口・世帯数 調査結果) ] ]


* population:2007-12-31 [ [ 住民基本台帳人口・世帯数 ] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ いしかわ統計指標ランド 石川県の統計情報ポータルサイト ] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ 鹿児島県毎月推計人口]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 熊本県の人口と世帯数 月報 ] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 宮城県/統計課/統計データ/宮城県推計人口(月報) ] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 長崎県公式ウェブサイト|長崎県の統計長崎県統計課のホームページへようこそ世帯数と推計人口 ] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 各種統計調査結果/毎月流動人口調査 ] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 大阪府毎月推計人口] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 滋賀県/滋賀県の人口と世帯数 ] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 栃木県毎月人口推計速報/栃木県 ] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 鳥取県人口移動調査/とりネット/鳥取県公式サイト ] ]


* population:2008-01-01 [ [ 山形県の人口と世帯数(月報)(推計)の統計表電子データについて — 山形県ホームページ ] ]


* The area figures are according to Geographical Survey Institute of Japan as of 2007-10-01.
* The source websites of each prefectures' populations are according to .

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