Sunshine (disambiguation)

Sunshine (disambiguation)

Sunshine may refer to:

* Sunlight, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the Sun, especially in the visible wavelengths

Film and television

* "Sunshine" (1999 film), a historical film directed by István Szabó
* "Sunshine" (2007 film), a science-fiction film directed by Danny Boyle
* "Sunshine" (TUGS episode), the pilot episode of the television series "TUGS"
** Sunshine (TUGS), a fictional "harbour switcher" from the "TUGS" series
* Sunshine (US TV series), a 1975 American sitcom starring Cliff DeYoung
* Sunshine (UK TV series), a 2008 British three-part miniseries, to be shown on BBC1, beginning 7 October


* "Sunshine" (novel), a vampire novel by Robin McKinley
* Sunshine (Kinnikuman), a fictional villain from the manga "Kinnikuman"
* Sunshine (magazine), a digest of good news articles published for decades



* Sunshine (band), an American disco group


* "Sunshine" (Aerosmith song)
* "Sunshine" (Alphrisk song),
* "Sunshine" (Beach Boys song)
* "Sunshine" (Jonathan Edwards song)
* "Sunshine" (Gabrielle song)
* "Sunshine" (Gareth Gates song)
* "Sunshine" (Ricki-Lee song), by Ricki-Lee Coulter
* "(Always Be My) Sunshine", by Jay-Z
* "Sunshine", by Alice in Chains from "Facelift"
* "Sunshine", by Tracy Bonham from "Liverpool Sessions"
* "Sunshine", by Buckcherry from "15"
* "Sunshine", by Matt Costa
* "Sunshine", by Dance Nation
* "Sunshine", by Evermore from "Dreams"
* "Sunshine," by Juliana Hatfield from "In Exile Deo"
* "Sunshine", by Lupe Fiasco from "Food & Liquor"
* "Sunshine", by The First Edition from "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town"
* "Sunshine", by Keane from "Hopes and Fears"
* "Sunshine", by Lil' Flip (ft. Lea) from "U Gotta Feel Me"
* "Sunshine", by Traci Lords
* "Sunshine", by Twista from "Kamikaze"


* "Sunshine" (album), by S Club 7
* "Sunshine" (soundtrack), from the film of the same title

Radio stations

* Sunshine FM, a New Zealand radio station
* Sunshine 855, an English radio station

Record labels

* Sunshine Records (USA), an American record label of the early 1900s
* Sunshine Records (Australia), an Australian record label of the mid-1960s


* Sunshine pop, an American musical movement in the 1960s and 1970s that incorporated light rock


* Sunshine Anderson, American R&B singer
* Sunshine Logroño, Puerto Rican entertainer
* Ken Sunshine, lawyer from New York, United States
* Tommie Sunshine, American record producer, DJ, and songwriter
* Valerie French, a professional wrestling valet better known as Sunshine.


Cities and towns

* Sunshine, New South Wales, a small town in the City of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia
* Sunshine, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
* Sunshine North, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
* Sunshine West, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bridges and roads

* Sunshine Bridge, a bridge over the Mississippi River in Louisiana, United States
* Sunshine Skyway Bridge, a bridge spanning Tampa Bay, Florida, United States
* Sunshine Way, a street in Mitcham, Surrey, England, named for its accommodation of sunlight-needy tuberculosis patients


* Sunshine 60, a 60-story building in Tokyo, Japan, and the tallest building in Japan until 1991
* Sunshine Building, a historic building in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States


* Sunshine mine, a silver mine in Idaho, United States
* Sunshine Motorway, a motorway in Queensland, Australia
* Sunshine Peak, a mountain in Colorado, United States
* Sunshine Village, a ski resort in Alberta, Canada

ee also

* Sunshine City (disambiguation)
* Sunshine Coast (disambiguation)
* Sunshine State (disambiguation)Sunshine - a server on the online game Conquer Online

Other uses

* Sunshine Biscuits, an American baker of cookies, crackers, and cereals, now owned by Keebler
* Sunshine laws, freedom of information legislation
** Government in the Sunshine Act, a "sunshine law" passed in the United States in 1976
* Sunshine Policy, South Korea's doctrine towards North Korea, which emphasizes peaceful cooperation
* Sunshine unit, now known as a "strontium unit", used to measure the radioactivity of strontium-90 in the human body
* Super Mario Sunshine, a video game by Nintendo

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