Band of Gold (TV series)

Band of Gold (TV series)

"Band of Gold" was a television series shown on ITV between 1995 and 1997, written by Kay Mellor and produced by Granada Television.

The series was based in Bradford and revolved around the lives of a group of women who lived and worked in the red light district (Samantha Morton, Geraldine James, Cathy Tyson, Ruth Gemmell, Barbara Dickson and Rachel Davies).

eries One

Gina (Ruth Gemmell) is being harassed by an aggressive loan shark and as a consequence turns to street prostitution. Gina, along with fellow prostitute Carol (Cathy Tyson) steals money off a client and as a result the client kills Gina and in the final episode Carol comes face to face with the killer. Fortunately Tracy (Samantha Morton) who is a child prostitute raises the alarm and the killer is stopped before he can kill Carol. Also in this series Carol and Rose (Geraldine James) decide to quit prostitution and set up a cleaning company to rival that of a business man who was responsible for Gina's harassment that would ultimately lead to her demise.Episode guideSeries oneSoldYoung mother Gina (Ruth Gemmell) is forced into prostitution to pay off a loan shark after piling up debts since her split with her husband. But it's a dangerous game.CaughtInspector Newall, one of Carol's clients, investigates the murder of Gina. Carol is convinced she knows who the killer is and enlists Rose and Tracy’s help as she lures the suspect to a hotel room.DamagedAs Tracy fights for her life in hospital, her mother finds out about her daughter’s life of vice. Carol entertains a client with strange tastes.RevengeRose is struggling to find business. Carol is overwhelmed by fears about her safety. Anita loses her home.ToldIn London, Rose finds work and romance, while Tracy lives it up. In Bradford, Joyce’s plan provides Carol with a new opportunity.CleanRose returns to Bradford and joins Joyce’s cleaning business venture, Scrubbitt. Carol finds herself in grave danger.

eries Two

Samantha Morton shines in this shocking sequel. This season contains the most graphic portrayal of street prostitution and has Tracy in numerous explicit sex scenes including sado masochism and oral sex. it also contains very violent scenes and has the character Collete being tortured sodomized and beat up with dominatrix equipment by a punter with a electra complex. The overall main arc or plot however of the sequel is based around the self destruction of Tracy as her world becomes more and more centred around both a crack-cocaine habit and a sexual affair with the local crime lord and child molester ALf Black (David Bradley) who supplies her the drugs. Rose and Carol see their dreams collapse when the cleaning contract is taken from them by the gorgeouse george Ferguson a fashion model and essentially kind hearted individual who is forced to become a local rival after he owes large amounts of money to Alf Black. rose and carol are also suspected of murders that were close to there home residence and suffer daily death threats from Gangsters wishing to bully all of the women back into prostitution and back on the "Lane". Rose sets out on a quest to find her lost daughter and castrate the pimps and gangsters power over the redlight dirstrict in bradford, her daughster is later revealed to be Tracy's lesbian lover Colette Levison (Lena Headey). As the series comes to a close it is revealed that the murders were committed by an insane Tracy. As the women race to stop her from claiming her final victim, Carol learns that she has inherited a large amount of money. The climax sees Tracy being brutally raped and killed by Alf Black.Series two (1996)HustlingRose and Carol have turned their back on prostitution and are trying to make a go of their cleaning company Scrubbit. But their old enemy George Ferguson is out of jail, wanting revenge and needing a way to clear the debts he owes gangster Alf Black. Meanwhile, Tracy is still on the game – and there’s a new prostitute on the streets, S&M specialist Colette.KissRose is the only member of the team who isn’t fed up with running Scrubbit. Carol gets a new client, Curly (Richard Moore) who only wants her to walk around in front of him. Brenda (Margo Gunn) helps Ferguson in his attempt to sabotage Scrubbit.BetrayalCarol and Rose dispose of Curly’s body after finding him with his throat cut, but the police find Carol’s fingerprints. Then there is another murder.HurtThere’s heartbreak for Rose when she thinks that cellist Sarah is her long-lost daughter. Carol could be in the clear after police discover Ferguson was killed in the same way as Curly. Tracy is in deeper trouble with Alf Black.LoveRose is shocked by what she discovers about her daughter. Carol re-evaluates her feelings for DCI Newall. Tracy gets badly beaten and decides she wants revenge against her pimp.RedemptionColette asks for Rose’s help when Tracy refuses to realise what she has done. Carol sees Curly’s solicitor and discovers she has inherited his factory.

eries Three

The final series (which was re-titled to just "Gold") saw Rose take on a cause celebre when a beautiful escort named Paula is implicated in two murders. Also a young transsexual is raped and Rose and Carol must ensure the victim gets justice. In the final arc of the series Rose takes on dangerous gangsters from Leeds and a confused but dangerous young prostitute (Alicya Eyo, Bad Girls). Carol works hard with police to clear the name of young rent boy, Zac (Richard Calabro) as the series come to a dramatic and tragic end.


"The lane" referred to in the production is a reference to "Lumb Lane" which is a real street in Manningham, Bradford, historically renowned for being the location of choice for many prostitutes. In recent years however "The lane" is disfavoured due to alleged intimidation by numbers of local residents forming "clean-up" gangs.

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